Chronicles of the Bride

The above is a playlist selection of readings from the book, and music inspired by our experiences. We hope they bring joy to you!

This is the first chapter in the book, 'Chronicles of the Bride.' It is a collection of episodes and experiences in Heaven that Ezekiel and Clare both experienced while Jesus accompanied them during dwelling prayer time. 

More than any description of Heaven, the very tender, intimate and playful nature of Jesus is revealed by His interactions with His Bride. 

He is not the stand offish God, who touches us at arms length, no He is so in love with His Bride He can't wait to take her around Heaven and show her what He has personally prepared just for her. 

Yet, He is gentle in instruction while giving His Bride rest from her labors for Him on earth. He loves to dance, fly, swim, explore and take her everywhere.

Relationship is EVERYTHING in Heaven. His marriage to His Bride, our relationships with each other and with The Father and Holy Spirit are real beyond anything we can imagine here on Earth. 

Love and harmony exist everywhere, and blissful is the continual feast of love and beauty the Lord showers on us. He gives us animals we are fond of on the earth, favorite colors, foods and things that we love. He knows our tastes even better than we and nothing delights Him more when you are together, than seeing you happy over what He personally has created for you.

Jesus is all you ever dreamed of or hoped for in a friend, in a spouse and He is yours for eternity. Heavenly worship is of course wonderful with all the angels and saints. But there is another side to Heaven, the personal side where your own Jesus is constantly there for you.