Published on Nov 14, 2015

Some souls who were loved and nurtured, began to think more of themselves than they truly were. Others, who were treated badly, quickly developed an almost exaggerated, heightened sense of survival. Into ALL of this, I come to intervene, and show you who you Truly are, deep within your soul; the "you" that I created you to be. 

Published on Jan 3, 2015

Finding Your Purpose By Following Your Heart

In today's world there are so many different helps to finding your purpose in life. Counselors, classes, seminars, ministry weekends, on and on and on. But Jesus who lives in your heart, will guide you through the deep desires of your heart, if you will just let go and listen to that inner yearning.

If we follow our head it is unlikely that the path we plan will ever bring the deep inner peace and fulfillment we long for. As we think about our path in life we calculate elements such as what our parents believe we should do, our friends and siblings, our church family, the allure of accomplishment in the world, money, fame, and beauty.

But not one of those originates with God. All of them are men's ways of planning a life. The Lord doesn't make it hard for us, He speaks to us from the heart, deeply, a quiet yearning to do something that perhaps no other person would recognize as our path…but if we follow it, will lead to profound peace and satisfaction in the Lord.

Our calling in this life is something we never would have captured the specifics of had we dreamt the wildest dreams. But the Lord led us by little steps to the unlikely place we have found our happiness in.

Ezekiel shares his journey and how the Lord writes straight with crooked lines, but always from the heart, always in the moment, and always perfect in the end result.

We are a full time ministry and appreciate the kind and generous hearts that are able to contribute to our ministry. May the Lord bless you thirty fold, both now and in the age to come.

  Ezekiel's Testimony and Journal Entries