Published on Mar 24, 2016

Such a deep and undisturbed peace set in and ever since then my heart has been able to rejoice in the accomplishments of that soul and others, who seemingly have much greater gifts. This place of peace is a warm fuzzy place of affirmation that is supportive of all Holy Spirit wants to do through His Brides and leaves absolutely no room for feeling threatened by their accomplishments with the Lord. If all of us look at the good in one another and refuse to enter into jealousy, we are supporting Holy Spirit in His wonderful works and cheering on those who are highly gifted.

Published on Oct 11, 2012

In Rick Joyner's book, Visions of the Harvest, he relates a vision the Lord gave to him of the condition of the Body of Christ, and how it must change to grow into the fullness of the stature of Christ. In this series, I share some of my perspectives and experiences with the two principal demons of Jealousy and Fear and how that has stunted the growth of the church and left anointings of good and trainable people sitting uselessly gathering dust in the pews. The Lord has told us that there are thousands of unfilled positions in the churches, and we believe thousands of anointings that have not been raised up. We need all these souls for the harvest, but until we conquer our territorial demons of fear and jealousy, and raise up the giftings before us, it will not happen. We hope this teaching is an encouragement to persevere in building up the Body of Christ until it truly resembles His Full Stature. 

Fear of man and Fear of God cannot coexist. One will always dominate our nature and cause us to cut the other off. When we fear man more than God we make decisions that quench the Spirit of the Lord, we cut Him off from bringing the fulness of the anointing in our lives, we choose the way of the world rather than the protecting the movement of the Holy Spirit. This video is about the ways we commonly shut the Holy Spirit down, without even realizing we're doing it.

You may not be perfect…yet. But you have committed your way and longed for purity and He has seen your captivity and is responding by untangling the fetters from your thinking. The Bride is righteous and because of that she will be taken out of harms way in the Rapture. The qualities in these five videos define her behavior, her character, and challenge us to stand for what is right even when it puts us at odds with others in the church that we may be in the habit of respecting for worldly reasons.

What is considered acceptable behavior, thinking, and reasoning in the Body of Christ at large, may have seriously poisoned you from the inside out, and now there are spots, wrinkles and holes in your bridal garment. But the good news is that in your deep repentance the Lord’s mercy is making you worthy to be taken as His very own Bride. 

Pure and Lovely, you have chosen the better part and He will not leave you to the wrath of God. He sees your heart, he feels your tears, in fact He cries with you, He sees your efforts, even in your confusion as you go against the undercurrent of worldliness in the church, that all around you applaud. 

And He is your Savior, He’s coming to get you. Don’t be afraid. But commit a portion of time to this series on the Purity of the Bride, to be sure you have found all the shadows in your heart.

Jealousy and Fear