Published on Feb 15, 2016

He wants you to know that some of you have been chosen to stay behind, the Remnant church. You have been chosen to lead, to guide and to fight against evil. You are not among the left behind because you did not give yourselves to Him, no you are among the called and chosen Remnant. Some of you are warriors and have been created for such a time as this.

Published on Feb 17, 2016

The message is, “God has NOT abandoned you. He has a plan for you. This is not the end, only the beginning of the most exciting time of your lives, if you will do it His way. That’s the message of the album. To that end we’ve put together a four CD collection with music to inspire, teachings and instruction from the Lord about the most important things. This CD will be widely available on the net, iTunes, CD Baby, broadcast on radio shows,with the option to download it for free from

Published on June 11, 2015
The World to Come

In This video the Lord just reminds us that things are heating up and getting a little harder and harder each day as we get closer to our departure.  He also asks us to consider the new world we will one day be living in under His rule.  To hide that promise in our hearts to soon be fulfilled.  Thank you for listening sweet Family.

Love you all so very dearly…you are such a consolation to Ezekiel and I.


Published on Apr 22, 2015

Provision and Protection For Those Left Behind

Tonight the Lord changed the subject and began again leaving instructions for those left behind. 

He will provide and protect many remnant groups scattered in the wilderness.

There will be many trials, life and death decisions to make, and attempts by the enemy to divide and conquer. To safe guard your lives walk in humility and love.

Some will be sent to seek you out but pretend they are like you. "Only judge motives by My Holy Spirit." The Lord said.


In this video the Lord shares a little of his plan for our loved ones who have turned away from Him, and those who once loved Him but now are avoiding Him and filling their lives with empty things.  He is asking us to release them to Him, along with His promise for their lives.

He mentions also that very volatile circumstances occurred last Tuesday and we were all called to prayer for a very specific reason.

He is so pleased with those who have taken Him seriously in the messages and turned more and more away from the world.

And last of all, but sweetest of all, He chided me that He felt like a "wall flower" because of the Brides that would not dance with Him.

It was very endearing.  Truly He has a tender heart, sensitive to rejection.  I believe He was encouraging us to press into that intimate place in His heart.


Published on Mar 21, 2015

The Lord is entreating us, "Please, Dance With Me"

Please my King, what do you want me to tell your children?

"Tell them I am coming for them and they will never know the kind of love I have for them until they are on this dance floor in Heaven with Me. In the meantime, I would like them to make practice runs. Simply go to the holy place of your imagination and visualize a grand ballroom with Me standing there in full formal military attire, saying, "May I have this dance?" 

"Bowing before you I take your hand in Mine, and gently hold you as we begin to gracefully waltz around the floor. No matter that on earth you could not dance, here in My arms it is second nature to you as we glide along. No matter that you are a man on Earth, for these moments in Heaven you are My Bride. As you settle into this gentle place with Me our eyes meet and you begin to feel a fleeting wave of admiration coming from My eyes. Being shy, you dare not look into My eyes for long, yet. But as the evening wears on, our eyes meet, more and more until we are both gazing into one another's eyes drinking from the deep pools of pure celestial love for one another...  Read the rest by clicking on the pdf button.


In this teaching, the Lord goes into the sad, long history of selfish men who have committed genocide, stolen from the poor and spawned and controlled wars. 

This is the time of fulfillment where men can see what fruits they've borne from their corruption. It is a time of learning. The Lord does not punish out of spite, rather He instructs out of love and consequences and is always ready to receive back those who come to Him in true contrition and repentance.


In this teaching, the Lord speaks to us about what our country is now entering into and who will be prepared emotionally, mentally and spiritually. He also exhorts those who are confused and alone to find a group to fit into, people that can be trusted, to pray with you and your family.

Also He talks about the difference between Brides who will be raptured and Warriors who will stay and fight.

He admonishes all to choose carefully their associations, because some will be dishonest and only He knows the hearts of men. 


Jesus Speaks: Hope after the Rapture

One of the most important ways you can spend your time right now is preparing your heart and preparing the gift of understanding for those left behind. 

Life will be so very painful for them and they'll be groping in the dark having dismissed everything you tried to tell them for the past umpteen years.

The Lord would like us to clean up the loose ends with our loved ones, ask forgiveness for what we've done to hurt them, our failures, etc as well as forgive them for their offenses against us.  This will help close the shadows of the past that demons will use to accuse them and try to bring them into despair.

We also need to express our love and encourage them for the journey ahead.


This message is about a nuclear exchange and what the Lord has planned for the very day the bombs fall. 

That very day He will Rapture us. Do not panic or despair, that very day He is coming for us, His Bride. No one knows the day or the hour of the Rapture or the bombs falling. 

Man makes plans, God intervenes, this message does not negate immenency. But I do believe the Lord has given it to steady our hearts so that when it does come to pass that we are in a nuclear war, that very day He is coming to remove His Beloved Bride.

This message is in total agreement with everything He has given us thus far. 

The reality of what He was saying to me left me numb, I'm not over it yet.

It's coming, very, very soon. Prepare your hearts, don't delay your conversion another hour, repent and give your life to Jesus, make your hearts right. There is no more time left. At any moment everything is going to change.

The only question left is "Will there be oil in your lamp? Will He take you or bar the door?"

Pray that you may be worthy to stand before the Son of Man.

This message has some surprises for me and for many. The Lord talks about our part during the Tribulation and our assignments afterwards when we return with Him.

The World will mourn, but we will continue with the Lord, one eye on the events in our world, one eye on Heaven. Then, very soon, we will be with Him. 

He was very specific that He would not be sending us back to earth to work during the Tribulation. He said that He has trained His angels to do that and He will not expose us to the horrors of the chastisement.

However He will allow for us to appear to our families from time to time, similar to an apparition for the sole purpose of encouragement.

I know this will go against the understanding of many, but I have to be faithful to share what He gives me whether we agree or not. I must say, I was a bit surprised when we talked about Fatima and the apparitions of Mary along with her prophetic words to the children.

These are things I have carefully looked into in the past when we were examining the Catholic faith, and the evidence for a true move of God was overwhelming. I was quite prejudiced against this at the time, but wanting to know the truth, I kept digging until I was satisfied that I had all the information.

It is a sorry thing that Christians reject out of hand the moves of God without taking the time to find out the truth behind them. I guess it's easier to just go with the tide, be accepted and criticize something than it is to dig deeper and find out for ourselves the truth, at least in my case, in the past, that was true.

Demons, Aliens, Orbs of Light and Spiritual Connections to Volcanoes, Clones used to search out resisters to the new government.

In this teaching the Lord shares some of the details of the things listed above. He also confirms that Hell is filling up and as a result the Earth is expanding.

He talks about the release of pods of clones around the world even in the most remote areas, that will be involved in hunting down resisters to the new government.

His entire purpose of giving me this message was to prepare those who are left behind so that they KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is in control of everything that happens.

In this teaching  the Lord concentrates on who He can protect and who He cannot protect. It's not enough to say the right prayers, our hearts must be right with Him.

Many people left behind will be broken and humbled, ready to yield their lives to God. This is His provision for their survival, physical and Spiritual. In the world they learned arrogance and self sufficiency, and now to enlist God's protection, they must learn to yield their opinion to His wisdom, and rely totally on Him for everything in authentic humility. They must also learn charity and service, an agenda so different from the world's selfishness and self interest. 

The Lord has stressed how to handle threatening situations in this video. How to respond, what prayers to pray, and what miracles to expect if you trust in Him completely. 

He has promised to be with you as you persevere during the Great Tribulation, just as He was with the Israelites, but it is absolutely necessary that you TRUST Him more than any of your own devices or judgment.

Jesus has asked me to do a series on this. His entire purpose is to prepare those who are left behind so that they KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that HE is in control of everything that happens.

This video has instructions for how to pray and react in situations where you are under attack or fearful. THERE IS HOPE. Despair will be the tool Satan uses to cause souls to give up their salvation and give up entirely on God. But knowing that God is with you will keep you strong when stressful situations wear your resolve down to the bone.

This is the second in the series, What Will Come to Pass, in which the Lord Jesus is detailing events and dynamics of the Tribulation and what we may expect afterwards. 

After the Tribulation, there will be a whole new source of energy that is free to everyone. Transportation will be free. Resources to advance in your given mission will be free. No longer will the poor be marginalized, they will have everything they need to become who they were created to be.

Law and order will be kept by His angels and those appointed to lead. 

The western U.S. will become the capitol of America and the distance between the split continent will be greater than a ferry can cross.

There is some wonderful news in this message, something for us to truly look forward to. The whole tone of these teachings from the Lord is to give us hope and especially for those left behind in the Rapture, there is a wonderful new life to look forward to and you shall be rewarded for your faithfulness. 

Many who suffer and survive will be placed in positions of leadership after the tribulation. Glory to God, there is hope!

This is first in a very important teaching series. WHAT IS TO COME AFTER THE RAPTURE 1, The Sequence of Events After the Rapture

He has asked me to do a series on this. His entire purpose of giving me this message was to prepare those who are left behind so that they KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is in control of everything that happens.

This seems to me to be the harbinger of the Rapture, in other words it is on the horizon and He wants instruction left behind for those who are not taken.

Some very bizarre things will happen, things we have no experience with, things we cannot gauge because they are literally, 'out of this world.' So many will be freaked out by this they will fall into despair. This whole series is to prevent that and instill hope. THERE IS HOPE. Despair will be the tool Satan uses to cause souls to give up their salvation and give up entirely on God.

Therefore the Lord has asked me to do this series with Him, in which He is outlining the things that will come. Those who read these words and listen to this video will not be taken by complete surprise. They will know what to expect next and that there is absolutely an end to these events - He is Coming to stop it all.

Please download this video and keep it for your loved ones. It will be a light in the complete despair and darkness that is to overtake the world and America. Please PASS THE WORD ON.

~Nibiru, nuclear and conventional war on our soil, Yellowstone, Technology that will remain, the mark, the restructuring of America After the Trib

~After the Rapture Yellowstone Super Volcano Splitting of Our Continent

~Nuclear War Conventional War with China,Russia, North Korea

~God will fight with the Patriots America is not doomed 

~America Will Rise Again America Humbled