Published on Jan 29, 2016

The Lord showed me a picture of myself when I was just a small child, maybe three or four. At that time for a year or so, I was separated from my mother who had TB and was in a sanitarium. I was staying with an older couple and I remember being left alone in my crib a lot, I was very lonely. The Lord began to speak, “When you were a child you didn’t get enough cuddling. To your mind, cuddling represented love which you also didn’t get enough of. You are a very tactile person and need that physical connection, you’re also very affectionate. To you Clare, cats are the most cuddly, loving creatures…someone you can snuggle up to and feel warm and secure. So every time you see these creatures, that longing for more love and affection rises up in you.

Our Last Few Weeks...

Published on Feb 22, 2016

Don’t be fooled by this false sense of security and empty promises that you too will rule and reign. When you die, you will be dragged down into the pit of Hell, assigned tormenting demons with fire, sword and bludgeon, locked away in a cell, totally isolated from those you were promised you would rule. They will rip chunks of flesh from your body with their teeth and laugh at your excruciating pain. Your body will thirst but no drink will be given you. Your lungs will gasp but no air will be given you, only the stench of rotting flesh will keep you alive for your next round of tortures.

Published on Jan 23, 2016

There will be more attempts to discredit this channel and cause you to abandon the vessels who have served you with all their hearts. Continue to honor, protect and support them knowing that they are vulnerable just like the rest of you and the devils want to despoil them as well. You have been taught well to refuse to get involved in quarrels and useless arguments. Even just one step…one sentence into gossip is dangerous to your souls, please continue to avoid all forms of gossip and deprication of my ministers. Not only Clare, Ezekiel and Carol, but other faithful servants who have been preparing you for this time.

Published on Feb 23, 2016

Are you afraid to break away? Are you under the spell of these lies that you or family members will be killed if you try. Am I not the Creator of the angels who fell from grace and degraded themselves into these sick creatures? There is no weapon formed against you that will prosper. No weapon. No, not even one. There is no demon more powerful than Me, they are all pitiable in My eyes.

Published on Jan 25, 2016

There is preparation in the hearts of your loved ones that I have done. You cannot see or hear it, but I have laid a foundation of sorts so that when confirming events happen the hard shell will indeed be broken and they will give their lives to Me with much remorse. One of the greatest things you can do to prepare them is to be exceptionally loving and forgiving, that carries a sweetness that is the key to anyone’s heart. The worst thing you can do is to preach condemnation and Hell.