Published on Sep 20, 2015

Amidst the sweet sound of crickets, Jesus gives us a teaching on the very nature of God that must be in all His Brides, and promises to be with us in learning how to exercise it.

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Published on Mar 20, 2016

Discover Ministries, Pastor Steve Cioccolanti does an excellent job of examining Nathan's testimony from Heaven. Nathan is a 15-year old Jewish boy raised in a secular family. He died for 15 minutes during The Feast of Sukkot 2015 (which was accompanied by the 4th Blood Moon). During that time he was shown the future of Israel and end time visions. His own parents did not raise him to be religious, disapprove of his vision

Published on Aug 20, 2015

The Lord is thanking His Bride for persevering with Him and being willing to stay with Him for the long haul. He mentioned third world innocents and how He is still concerned with their salvation. He also said He would have to wrap it up in the not too distant future, but that He would send His angels out with special visitations to many who have not been reached for Him. He also shares how He has suffered with each of us as we receive the blows the world is only too happy to pass out to believers. He is asking for continued support to reach the nations.

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Published on Jul 27, 2015

Sincerity, Prophetic Word from Jesus on Our Characters

Sincerity is so important, we all have things that make us feel isolated from one another and shamed. Yet the human condition is common to us all. Jesus wants to prepare us for Heaven and help us now confront and heal our hidden sides.

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This Video contains the narrative of two dreams, one vision from above the earth and one Rapture message. They were given at different times but I believe, fit together like a puzzle, given the lukewarmness of many Christian hearts in America.

The progression is as follows: nuclear annihilation of Miami followed by nuclear attacks on American cities, I was not shown other parts of the world except that the attacks were in some way instigated from North Eastern Europe (Belgium?) and the missiles originated in the Middle East. Whether they were fired from there or were operated by Middle Easterners was not clear. 

One thing I did not mention was a long dream about Russian and Korean occupation of the Southeastern United States. It seems that Cuba and Venezuela may very well be staging areas to bring this about after the bombing.

I believe the Lord spoke with me and said that He would Rapture the Bride within seven days or perhaps the very day, of these attacks.

I believe this word has a great deal of merit because we all know there are many Christians who are simply not ready for the Rapture, I for one, feel that way, because every day the Lord is revealing another sin for me to repent of, another person to forgive, another way I could have been like Jesus and wasn’t, another way I could have given but was instead very selfish. We can also deduce that because He has not Raptured us yet, there is a very good reason. Knowing His nature of Mercy, it seems obvious.

Taking that into account, a devastating war on our soil could turn many lukewarm American hearts back to God in crushing repentance. Many seem to agree that 911 was a warning shot that America no longer enjoys the protection of Almighty God, because of her sins. That in mind, I believe there will be many who recognize the judgment of America in its destruction, and will turn back to God in authentic repentance for their participation in these sins. This one event, heart wrenching as it is, I believe, is capable of taking thousands of luke warm hearts and restoring them to God, literally overnight.

In Ezekiel's Rapture Dreams 2/4 he talks about a sweeping line of warriors that came out from behind the luminous cloud that Jesus was on. These warriors were descending to earth as we were ascending into Heaven.

Published on Oct 8, 2014

Blood Moon Rapture Today? Prophetic Message: Many continue to be disappointed as the Blood Moons come and go on Israel's feast days and no Rapture occurs. 

Last night the Lord gave me a message of courage to His waiting Bride. He is coming, YES He is and at any moment, but until He does there are soul's whose destinies hang in the balance.

He is calling His Bride into action as never before. If we love Him, we will stand with Him in faith to gather in more souls, until the Father gives the ultimate signal for the Rapture to commence. 

In this message He also warns us not to presume to know who is the Bride and who isn't. He said, this is singularly His call to make and we were sent to love not judge. But He does have an instruction for us, so that at whatever hour He comes, we will be about His business, with flasks running over. 

The Kisses of God are graces from Heaven to transform our earthly lives into Heaven on Earth. This short prophecy was given to encourage intimacy between Jesus and His Bride ( you). 

We most often avoid closeness to God out of self doubt and fear of deception. But if you yield to His invitation He will draw and protect us, teaching us through time to trust Him. 

This kind of relationship is not for the faint hearted. When we come this close to Our Lord, the impurities in our nature need to be burnt away in the flames of His love.

He is tremendously skillful in bringing us into the Bridal Chamber where fear, self consciousness, and perceived inadequacies fall away in the light of His presence. Warm and inviting, Jesus never turns a soul away that feels ugly. To Him there is no such thing, He has already re-created us in beauty, won all our battles, and now all that is left is to accept who we are to Him, His ravishing Bride. 

This is an excerpt from the video "Do Not Fear or Reject Intimacy with God, He Desires Your Company." 

It doesn't matter if you are on your way or 'arrived' to Him you are eternally beautiful. Not because of your own virtue but because He skillfully brings you to perfection and He is totally in the power of His grace.

He who has begun the good work in you will also perfect it.

Some Christians are called to be Brides of the Garden, those who keep Him company in a way similar to the angels who visited Him in the Garden of Gethsemani to comfort Him in His sorrows. 

These who have special callings must leave behind worldly affairs and keep their hearts uncontaminated and peaceful, a place for Him to repose. 

"I have some Brides who are called into My Chamber, whose ministry is one of comfort, wholeness and peace. These are those I have called out of the world and it's daily drama. These are those to whom I go when My Heart is Heavy when I can no longer bear the burden of seeing this world's sins.

"I long for a garden of peace and accord, where I may rest My weary Head and repose. These golden vessels unto honor have a very special and singular job, to accompany Me in such a way that I am consoled by My creation.

"These souls are not to get caught up in the continuing dramas of this sinful world, rather they are called out ones, to minister to Me alone, just as the virgins of Solomon's temple were called to serve. I do not take lightly to them peeking behind the veils of purity I have provided as a sanctuary for My Heart. When they do this they pick up contamination which later grieves My Heart as come to their garden to repose in the beauty and purity of My Creation.

That is why it is written: "Blessed are the pure for they shall see God." Because I come to them to bath in the sweet aroma of sanctity, the sweetest nectar of this world is the presence of these Virgins, for Me.

Are you willing to go into your prayer closets and comfort me, or will you be with the rest shopping, selling, celebrating, when it all comes down. Where will you be? In the ark or at the high places paying tribute to the world?

Where is your allegiance? Is it to Me? To yourself? Or to the World and Satan? Where are the things that most matter to you? In the bank? With your family? Friends? With Me? Where is your allegiance My Bride? Where will you be when the flood waters suddenly rush in upon you?

I am calling you now to make that decision. I am calling out to My Bride tearfully, please, please come with Me into the ark of My Love, there you will find Me suffering, and there you will find My protection. Yes, I am suffering, and will continue to suffer until evil is no more. Yes I weep over My Bride who has gone to the mall to sell herself once again, abandoning Me for the glitter of this world."

This is a simple message, there is nothing complex about it, I need her company, I need her comfort, I long to be held tenderly and loved, to have the salve of her sweetness greet my eyes, the purity of her voice lull me into a sleep taking me far away from what I must see and hear every day.

Please My Bride, abandon your ways with the world in this Holy Season, and come into Me, into the secret place, the Ark of My Love, nourish and tend to My wounds, make me forget those who have walked away cold hearted, caring nothing for My plight.

You have no idea what one glance from My Bride means to Me. Just imagine yourself in a crowded ballroom, a gala to celebrate the King's Birthday. Everyone is parading their beauty through the door and onto the dance floor, to be noticed and ogled over. Everyone is caught up in their next 'catch.' the game that never ends, power, position, wealth, and fame. 

We were dancing and I saw the tears rolling down the Lord's cheeks. He always slow dances with me to some good holy worship music like Terry MacAlmon's, before we begin speaking. He sings over me and I worship Him with all my little heart. But when I saw the tears I turned the music off.

He began, "Hell on Earth, literally Hell on Earth. Not to be believed, beyond any horror movie hollywood could dream up or invent. No one knows the gravity of what is coming. So many left by the wayside, so many so innocent, blind, lame and without a clue…. clueless. They are numb from the learning institutions, numb and programmed to be empty and numb to what is to transpire...

 Prophetic Words

President Putin Loads the Gun & Takes Aim, 
3-20-15 Rapture to Happen Simultaneously

Tonight in prayer the Lord invited me to dance with Him in a large ballroom filled with brides, dancing with their Jesus. I saw that I was in my bridal gown.

A few minutes after that I saw Putin loading a revolver bullet by bullet and aiming at the heart of the Statue of Liberty with an American flag superimposed in front of it.

I asked the Lord, "Lord, how can you be here in this beautiful and joyous setting, dancing and enjoying Your Bride when the terrors of war are approaching?"

He looked deeply into my eyes, so there was no mistaking who I was dancing with or talking to, and He said, "Because I am undiminished. I can be fully present in both places because I am not diminished in any way, ever. I am in the fullness of My Godhead dancing with you and in the fullness of My Godhead preparing for war."

Certainly, we are finite human creatures, we really can't understand how this could be happening. None the less, I believe, truly believe that it was. And for me it at least gave me some handle on the dichotomy of bombs falling as we are ascending into Heaven in the Rapture. 

"I believe that God's judgment……is about to take place. Everything that …was…. told will happen. It will all come true, every word of it, when the right time comes. I am absolutely convinced that everything God has said is sure to come true. God does not break his promises." Tobit 14:4 from Bible Gateway Darby Translation (modified for this message)

Also a dear friend had a vision of several angels in Heaven holding trumpets and looking in one direction, Jesus on the throne beside God the Father. Jesus was sitting on the edge of His seat. She spoke to her guardian angel and he pointed up to look at that vision, like, "Pay attention!" 

The nights we called everyone to pray we came REAL close according to DEFCON Warning system, who is reported to be a reliable source. 


​Published on Apr 02, 2016

“What a beautiful place!  I would love to live here.”  As I said that, a flash of light happened about12 miles away on the coast, the flash expanded slightly but kept rising in a column then a bulbous part kept rising and another bulbous part and then it it expanded into a mushroom cloud, a relatively small one. I didn’t hear the sound only saw the light.  The two of us stood there dumbfounded and then we saw  people emerging out of the bay waters one by one coming up onto the beach, it was so dark I couldn’t tell if they were waring came or black, but I caught the features on one man and they were Korean.  We were being invaded!!!!   It seemed like we were in Florida, in a protected cove and the explosion happened to the right of us as we were looking out over the water.  We could have been north of Miami, but it was not a huge explosion from what I saw or the open ocean.  More like a cove on the Gulf of Mexico.

Published December 24, 2015

“Peace”  When the world goes into turmoil, you will have peace.  You, My Brides will all be prepared for what is coming.  Not a one of you who has followed and obeyed My instructions will be terror stricken like the rest of humanity.  Especially in the United States because terror will break out everywhere.

Published on Sep 13, 2015

JESUS is preparing us for an onslaught of demons penetrating the portal to this dimension with dark matter weapons. Jesus is arming, instructing and equipping us to be the victors. The enemy will try to destroy us from the inside out by this onslaught of darkness causing all manner of sins of the flesh especially rage, lust, jealousy, greed and rebellion, which will overtake and destroy those who are not prepared.

"As I have told you before, the line of demarcation between those of the world and those of My Body is going to become clearer and clearer. Hostility towards My People will continue to increase. Love is the only force that will overtake the enemy."

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A force more powerful than any other is daily at work in our lives and can destroy all we were meant to be. It has been said that we are our greatest enemy and that no demon in Hell can do as much damage as we do to ourselves. In truth, the enemy knows how to use our own body and soul force against us.

Very early in my Christian walk the Lord gave me a vivid and overpowering dream I will never forget. I sought Him about the meaning for ten long years before He finally revealed it.

I’m sharing it with you because I believe this powerful force is exploited by demons to be our undoing and the cause of a flat and distasteful life that ends in bitter disappointment…’wasn’t there more to my life than this?’ 

This dynamic force is at work in the Body of Christ, from the individual to the corporate body. And I believe it has derailed the pure mission of Jesus to the point where He must scratch the church as she is and start all over again.

But on a personal level, if we are aware of how we are being manipulated the Lord can triumph and bring our lives to a fulfilling and exciting conclusion.

This is a heart rending and powerful dream Ezekiel had just two nights ago that we believe parallels the condition of His Body, His Bride…. 

I'm not going to go any further than this with the interpretation. For all of you theologians, please, I can't answer the question about who this woman represents, you'll just have to take it for face value. The dream is about Jesus and His wife who had been in ministry together for decades.

Jesus shares His pain that the Bride is not ready and that in spite of that The Father may proceed with the Rapture. He is asking us to pray that she will respond and prepare herself. He also answered my long standing question, "How can God (Jesus) possibly not-know anything?" (the hour or the day) His answer was very insightful. Thank you for watching.

This word from the Lord addresses the excesses of lifestyle many successful ministers have chosen. In this message which we believe is from the Lord, He says that those who have lived an opulent lifestyle off the tithes of widows and profits from their CDs and videos, will not be taken in the Rapture. 

“There are those who are seasoned in ministry and have decades of experience serving Me. They hear My voice and arrange their messages for others, but do not themselves heed My counsel. There must be a complete letting go of all bitterness, rancor and …false value systems.”

“Those who have lived by the world, will die by the world.”

There are some wonderful teachers who have helped many souls get free from bondage, but they have not reflected the Lord’s simple choices in living, rather they have modeled the concept that anointing equals enormous profits and wealth. They have used what was freely given to them by God and marketed it for a huge profit, rather than making the materials accessible to the poor by putting very modest price tags on things that would cover the cost of production with a small margin of profit. Rather they have taken advantage and used the world’s system to garner great profits and exclude the poor from being able to buy their materials. To their credit they have helped third world countries with part of their profit, but what the Lord is pointing out is the example that anointing equals a high dollar lifestyle, which their followers are bound to emulate.

Many who have lived an opulent lifestyle will loose all sense of identity when they are stripped of their wealth and paralyzed by refusing the mark. They will be brought down to subsistence survival along with the poor who could never afford their teaching CDs. I am hoping and praying that this video will somehow have an effect on them before it’s too late, many of them have inspired me to keep going when I would have given up. Please, lets pray for them, they have done so much good, but the Lord in His justice will not take them because their gowns are ‘drenched in the mud of this world.’