Published on Dec 8, 2015

Change the subject, radically. Get on something else and leave that demon hanging in the air without any response. 
The minute you lock horns with it, your focus goes from Me to the sin which is overpowering you. Keep your eyes on Me, and confess the fact that I will finish what I started in your soul and We are going to have the victory. In other words pay more attention to Me and MY promises to you to cure you than to the momentary battle.

Published on Jul 11, 2015

I am calling on My YouTube Family to reach out to those captive in denominations. Tell them about My Love and unprecedented intimacy, tell them about transparency, where it is safe to have faults. 

I want to spread this message around the world to equip the people to resist the forces of darkness. Love is My Weapon.

Many in denominations, even non denominations are tired, worn out, luke warm and wanting something deeper with Me. I'm calling them out of religion and into My Heart.



 Quenching the Spirit of God

Published on Jul 12, 2015

Please consider giving your pastor a CD or PDF of this message.

The Lord is going straight to the heart of why people are leaving churches. They want a vital deep relationship with Jesus, not another social club where politics and worldliness dominate everything from ministries and teachings to worship.

He is asking us to examine how closely we have followed Him in leading others. He is calling us to a very honest appraisal of our leadership style and the fruit it has born. 

This is no time for compromise, soon judgment will be upon us. Then, it will be too late, both for us to change and souls that we have lost through negligence.



The Bride’s Heart is The Champion of Righteousness

The Bride is a champion of righteousness, she goes against the grain of the prevalent sins of the church. If you have grown weary with the games, if you are longing to be free of worldly attitudes that have in the past ruled you, and you’ve begged the Lord to set you free from these sins, I believe that you are going to be raptured.

You may not be perfect…yet. But you have committed your way and longed for purity and He has seen your captivity and is responding by untangling the fetters from your thinking.

What is considered acceptable behavior, thinking, and reasoning in the Body of Christ at large, may have seriously poisoned you from the inside out, and now there are spots, wrinkles and holes in your bridal garment. But the good news is that in your deep repentance the Lord’s mercy is making you worthy to be taken as His very own Bride. 

Pure and Lovely, you have chosen the better part and He will not leave you to the wrath of God. He sees your heart, he feels your tears, in fact He cries with you, He sees your efforts, even in your confusion as you go against the undercurrent of worldliness in the church, that all around you applaud. 

And He is your Savior, He’s coming to get you. Don’t be afraid. But commit a portion of time to this series on the Purity of the Bride, to be sure you have found all the shadows in your heart.

I ask you to commit to the series because there is still much confusion in the Body as to what is pleasing in the Lord’s sight. Some things like gossip, are obvious. Other things like avoiding intimacy with Him because you feel unworthy are not so obvious, yet they may disqualify you from being raptured. 

He is so merciful, but mercy is running out and wrath is waiting at the door. Please, please cleanse your heart now. He weeps for those who will not take the time to respond, they are still caught up in the ‘game of life’ and have no idea what is about to befall them.

Don’t be caught in the storm, find out what still lingers in your heart that will close the door in your face…because you are too late with your repentance. This teaching goes into depth about what has been taught and modeled in the ‘church’ that has led to the corruption of the Bride To Be.

These five teachings were commissioned by the Lord. He asked me to do a five part teaching,(one for each of His wounds) He gave me the subjects in the order He wanted them addressed. I had nothing to do with them other than seek out the Scriptures and fill in the blanks with the experiences He chose from my past and revealed to me. Before you listen to these, please pray with me:

“Lord, search my heart and reveal to me any evil that lingers. Give me a repentant heart, purify me in Your Mercy and Love. With all my heart I want to be your Pure and unspotted Bride, You alone can accomplish that and You promised that what You have begun in me, You will finish. Please finish or bring me to repentance while the Door of Mercy is still open.” Amen

And I would like to add, the icing on the cake, is a short video by Suzette Hattingh, Voice in the City. Please don’t miss it, it is a key qualifying characteristic of those who will be raptured.

Published on Jul 20, 2015
The Unpardonable Sin & Aftermath of Bombing of America & Use the Gifts I Gave You

A lot of people have been asking me for this video. The Lord heard their prayers and gave me a teaching on the unpardonable sin. In this video it begins with the Aftermath and then goes into the teaching on the unpardonable sin.

"If they do not repent, they will not enter Heaven. If they do repent they will enter Heaven with a stain on their garment."