Published on Mar 16, 2016

This is a song about God setting us free from bondage...the melody was written by Loreena Mckennitt, who gave me permission to use it. 

Published on Sep 25, 2015

Do you continually feel badly about yourself and find fault with everything you do? Do you go to bed feeling guilty and wake up feeling badly about yourself? These are signs that you are listening to the lies of the enemy who is bent on disabling you as an effective, forgiven, loving Christian. Self hatred begets hatred of others. Self condemnation begets criticalness of others. Jesus is setting the record straight, you've been lied to.

Love you all,


When God is Silent and It's Not Your Fault

Published on Mar 14, 2016

I will allow the temptations, but I will never leave you on your own with them. Either I or My Spirit or your angel will assist and alert you to the tactics of the enemy. Where this fails is when self will is stronger than self sacrifice. This is at the very root of your existence. This is the place where a man interfaces with his spirit, this is also the seat of consciousness of the body, thus there is a struggle for supremacy. One who is able to keep his body under control is one who has mastered himself. What abides in this place is the tongue, the desire nature, pleasures of all kinds, food, sex, entertainment, leisure. All these things pander to the body and this is where the struggle begins.

Published on Sep 18, 2015

Jesus speaks about death and resurrection, what it will be like to be Raptured along with your departed relatives and pets, and how you will all celebrate when caught up in the air together. Jesus asks us to be on the lookout for the hurting and not be overly preoccupied with our own agendas. 

Carol's husband lost his brother who was very close to him, along with his brother's wife in a tragic motor cycle accident yesterday. Please pray for him and the Jennings family. 

Love you all,


Published on Dec 18, 2015

Sorry for the delay loved ones…this is a beautiful short message on why there is atonement. Also, had problems again with upgrade compatibility, so…hopefully tomorrow it will get fixed. Love you all, forgive the delays! Gosh I miss you all. Thank you for the wonderful gifts for the children.

Published on Oct 17, 2015

Even if evil has devoured a soul from the inside out and what remains is but a hideous shell, still I will appeal to what is left. Many of you have seen your relatives in this state. Many, many, many. Eaten up with bitterness on the inside, they reject all attempts by others to be reconciled with Me. ​

Love you all,


Will You Receive This Splinter from My Cross?

Dancing on the waters of Advertisity

Published on Feb 20, 2016

I am going to do a very slight extension of time for this album to get out as well as my other co laborers who are very close to completion of their tasks. Giving you a deadline was intended to get you to labor intensively towards this goal, now that you have done that and continue to do that I am extending time in very, very small increments.

Published on Sep 10, 2015

Children! Children! stop throwing sand! Jesus is calling to you, He needs His Bride to think of souls that are lost, and continue to labor with Him. What is the source of these messages? What are my duties on this channel? I have only one job to do and that is deliver the message without any personal bias. And of course pray for you all. He has asked us to ask Him for a gift. And a beautiful song at the end which He said expresses His heart.

Love you all.

Artist, Charlotte Laystrom, It's All About You

Dancing On The Waters of Adversity, Prophetic Admonition

Times are upon us and even before us on the horizon that demand a great deal of faith and self control. When provision becomes difficult for us and expenses rise while income decreases, the Lord steps to the forefront to take up the slack or help us adjust without loosing hope.

For some of us that means cutting back on things we felt were ‘necessary’ while for others it’s just a matter of adjusting our perspective. In any and all adversity we can mope and drag our feet in protest, or we can lift our heads and dance with Jesus on the water while the rest of the world is weeping.

In this word He encourages us to dance with Him and not loose our joy but to look deeper and rejoice in what He is doing in our lives.

​Innocent Blood

None of us wants to stand before the Lord and be found guilty of a sin we didn't detect in ourselves, especially when it is one that is so destructive to all the members of Body of Christ as well as to those who are not yet saved. Nor do we want to be held responsible for causing the Lord more pain.

Many times in visions He has shown me an image of Himself suffering because of what was done to Him by one of His Brides. How terrible to add to the sufferings of Our Lord. May God preserve us from this, May the Holy Spirit alert us to the damage we can possibly cause others, that we may continually bring Him joy and comfort.

When God is Silent and It's Not Your Fault

The movements of the Lord's heart are often misunderstood as punishment when all He wills for us is goodness and growth in holiness. Many, many times He is converting our sorrows into blessings for others.

In this video I share the Scriptures and reasons why we suffer redemptively for one another and how our little sacrifices move on the Lord's heart to grant unmerited favor and grace to those souls we hold up to Him for prayer and as well as how He often uses the small trials we suffer to set captives free and establish them in His Kingdom.

I pray this teaching will bring great relief to those who are still waiting for their healings, still waiting for the Lord to speak to them, still hoping against hope that their lives will finally take a turn for the better.

Those who have not yet been healed are untold treasures of grace for the kingdom of God on Earth to come. Very often they are the very ones that are criticized for not having faith, when in fact they have offered to God everything they are and have, to satisfy His purposes and desires and they will finally be vindicated in Heaven for having served His purposes with all their heart.

Will You Receive This Splinter From My Cross? and
What is Fervent Prayer?

In my last video, When God is Quiet and It's Not Your Fault, we touched on two concepts that I feel the Holy Spirit wants me to go deeper with.

The first one is the meaning the Lord's instruction to those who would follow Him, "Deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Me." I believe this entails participation with Jesus in His Cross, the One He still carries as long as sin abounds on the earth and there is suffering.

I believe that when there are 'no more tears' there will be no more crosses. But this is a season of suffering for Earth and all her inhabitants and the Lord's heart is ever so tender, He grieves every time one of His creations suffers, even down to the plants, animals and critters of Earth He created.

As His Beloved Bride, He sometimes calls us to comfort Him in His trials with the suffering on this earth. And sometimes, that comfort entails receiving lovingly a splinter from His very own cross. 

What wife would abandon her husband when he was suffering? Certainly not the faithful Bride Jesus has called to be His own, and for those of us who are married, how many times have we shouldered the burden of our spouses and did all in our power to alleviate their suffering?

Surely the Blessed and Holy Bride of Christ is at His side at all times.

And the second concept that Holy Spirit quickened to me was, what qualifies as fervent prayer? 

I was quite surprised when He illuminated this to me but in retrospect I see the wisdom of it and will be doing a teaching on this very subject in the near future.

Thank you for tuning into our channel and the Lord bless you all with His sweet presence.


Suffering and Adversity

When God is Silent and It's Not Your Fault, continued

Published on Feb 9, 2016

The Lord may let others be honored and put forward, and keep you hidden in obscurity because He wants to produce some choice fragrant fruit for His coming glory, which can only be produced in the shade.

Published on Jan 3, 2016

While I would love to write a prayer to cover every eventuality, every demon, every situation, it simply is not possible. Were we to stop having attacks we would become even greater spiritual weaklings. So while we can pray against them, eventually we must accept Divine Providence when the Lord allows them in spite of our vigilance and prayers.

Published on Oct 26, 2015

My Love I want you to understand that nothing you suffer is in vain. There is an appointed time for all creatures. This was his time and now you need to let go. I know your heart is bursting in pain, but understand in the economy of salvation there is much merit in your suffering…there are those who are benefiting from your pain.

Love you all,