Provision and Protection For Those Left Behind

Tonight the Lord changed the subject and began again leaving instructions for those left behind. 

He will provide and protect many remnant groups scattered in the wilderness.

There will be many trials, life and death decisions to make, and attempts by the enemy to divide and conquer. To safe guard your lives walk in humility and love.

Some will be sent to seek you out but pretend they are like you. "Only judge motives by My Holy Spirit." The Lord said.

Love One Another

It has come to my attention through one of our viewers that I being accused of being a false teacher. This has come about because I share the same convictions over a matter that Chuck Missler, Jack Van Impe, and C. S. Lewis has, rather than open an discussion on this, because it will detract from how the Lord is leading us at this time, so please, no discussions, suffice it to say I am in good company for what I believe. If you trust these men then you will understand I am not a false teacher anymore than they are. 

I forgive you all. I am just saddened that I will no longer see your avatars on our channel. But I will continue to pray for you and love you, how could I not.

I hesitated to give this teaching to you, but out of obedience I am posting this video. For you who know nothing about this, I am sorry, please pray for Ezekiel and I.

In any case, the Lord is asking us to love one another so that the world will know Him, through us. 

He is asking that we be mature as Brides and know by the Spirit, His voice through a vessel, and that we protect that vessel because they have been put in place to feed His Brides until His coming.

Much love to you all,


Honesty, Looking Into God's Mirror

As we get closer to the Rapture, the Lord is putting the finishing touches on our bridal garments.

In this video He is asking us to go deeper and examine our motives for doing things.  Better to find out now than to find out later, that we missed a few spots.

Many of the things we do are for our own pleasure, out of jealousy or to impress others.  He is holding up a new standard, to do things only for the Love of God and our Neighbor.

He promised to help us see our real motives this week so we can repent and be clean before Him when He comes.

Lord please give us the courage to cooperate with You in this.

In His Strength,


Can  Men Experience Closeness with Jesus as Women Do?
Ezekiel Shares His Experience

Jesus began:

"There are a lot of men holding out on Me saying, "Ah, this is a woman's thing, it isn't for guys." Nothing Could be further from the truth. John rested his head on My bosom, quite regularly, He listened to the Heartbeat of God, he hungered for His God and he found Me, he wasn't about to let Me go.

"Understand that women are a little more disposed to this simple intimacy, which hasn't a hint of carnality behind it, it is the purest love of God a soul can have in a female earthly body or a male earthly body. Is it not written that 

30"…in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven? Matt.22:30

"Therefore there is no excuse for shunning closeness to Me."

Lord may I….

"Yes you may."

What I wanted to say is that this is a purely spiritual relationship, if you are experiencing anything sexual you are not with Jesus, you are being beguiled by a familiar spirit. In the Lord's presence there is perfect purity. And if anything like that begins to occur you can be sure it is demonic, and you should rebuke it and seek the Lord on why He allowed that in your prayer time. It could be because He is humbling you. 

"I loved John with a love so pure, few on earth will ever comprehend it. But in Heaven it shall be obvious to all. So to you Bride of Christ, I say do not allow anything to lie and condemn you for loving Me and wanting to rest your head upon My Heart."

Count The Cost   (Of An Intimate Relationship With Jesus)
April 13, 2015

Dear Family, this video was quite a surprise to me.  I had no idea at all what He was going to talk about, as I usually don't.  I left in how our conversation got started, and a few other almost extraneous details because I wanted you to see how meek and humble our Lord is, even deferring to a poor human whom He created.

This message is about intimacy and He very decisively points out the steps we must take if we want the kind of relationship He has graced me with.  None the less, I do not for one moment take any credit for this grace, nor do I take it for granted,  it has taken me far too long to respond to Him the way He wanted me to. That's one of the reasons for this video.  I pray you will see what has to be done from the start so that you aren't delayed like I was.

He repeats several times, "I'm not an easy catch and I am high maintenance." 

One more thing I want to stress.  This message is not just for you because I believe the Rapture is very soon.  This message is for those left behind and even for the millennium, so please don't write to me all freaked out that I think the Rapture is years away.  OK?

Love you all,


Trials:  The Final Facets on You My Jewel

In this video Jesus talks about our last days here on Earth and that their will be increasing trials, but He will be with us and we will stand.

He also explains the process from birth to the resurrection of our bodies and how important the pressures of life were.  Just as a chunk of coal under pressure becomes a diamond, so are we brought through many trials to increase His glory in us.

Lets not complain (I'm the worst) but cleave to the Lord for our time here is running out.



Are You Called to Go In The Rapture or Stay Behind to Help?

This question was sparked by one of our viewers who heard that someone had been given the choice in a dream.  He too felt called to stay behind and help.  I know one of my children has the very same feeling in their heart.  

But I wanted to know if it truly was God's will for anyone to stay.  I remembered back to a time when He actually gave me a choice.  I told Him that I didn't have the wisdom to make that call, would He please make it for me.  He said, "I want you to go." 

Whew! I thought, that was good news.  Although bittersweet, because part of me longs to be here not only for souls but to see the amazing things the Lord is going to do on the earth.

Well tonight He gave me a very sound answer and also described a little of what it would be like for those left behind.

As far as I can tell Scripture doesn't talk about this, but God is sovereign and can do anything He wants to do.  He confirmed to Ezekiel and I that this was a true choice for the believer.  He also gave me the Scripture, "My ways are not your ways."  

He strictly warned people not to presume on grace and make their own decisions but to seek His will for them and obey.

The Lord give us courage and peace to look at this question.

Praying for you all, please pray for us too.



Serious Prophetic Warning to My Bride: Without Love, You Will Not Stand Before Me, or Be Taken In The Rapture He began this message with:

"Many are so sure they are ready to stand before Me. But they are not taking a good look inside themselves or in My mirror. This concerns Me Clare, it concerns Me that they are so ready and yet they still quarrel and bite at one another, they still gossip and tell lies about one another. They still accuse with impunity, thinking they are so right and the other is so wrong."

This message is about those who will be disqualified from the Rapture. The Lord does not want to leave anyone behind, but even some of His prophets and teachers will not be taken if they are lacking in love.

Jesus is calling us to make a willful decision that we will not hate, judge, or be jealous of others. He is calling us not to stand in His place and point the finger at others whom we do not understand or agree with.

This is a very serious warning, that He will not take those who harbor jealousy, pride, self righteousness and destroy others with their tongues.

He is standing by tenderly, to forgive and wash us clean from our impurities, but we must take another look into our souls and be sure we are clean before Him.

Recently I've heard of a sister who was a member of a private prophetic group for years, that turned against her. She is suffering terribly because of the rancor of that group. The Lord help us, we can't have rancor and stand. I pray that those involved stumble upon this message and repent before it is too late for them. There isn't much time left, I pray the Lord will forgive me for my rancor and I make an act of the will to forgive any I harbor bad feelings for. Oh Lord, forgive me.


"Blessed Are the Pure For They Shall See Me"

How is purity affected by pride?

This is a beautiful message from Jesus about purity and how to maintain it. He is calling His Bride in these last days on earth to be pure, to turn away from unseemly entertainment, pictures, books and movies.

He lives inside of us and He is so offended when we give our minds over to sinful things.

He has opened our understanding about staying pure also, it is very much connected to humility.

Hope this brings new hope and life to you all, it did for me.



Carry Your Cross-Don't Judge-Preparation for War Closing

"Things are drawing to a close in preparation for this war.  I want you to be well aware that it could break on you at any moment."

Repercussions of judging others, especially His chosen vessels unto honor.

Hold up under the cross He's allowed in your life.  Many who will die in this war are teetering on the edge of Hell,  I will use your suffering to rescue them.

Surrender It All To Me

Jesus leads us in a meditation to release our victories and our failures into His hands, in preparation for the Rapture.

We all have had dreams that were never fulfilled, relationships that were never mended, skills we never mastered, doors that never opened, opportunities that never came.

We are so complex in who we are, and our lives are such a mixture of success and failure. Here Jesus leads us in a meditation to release the past into His hands. He also makes wonderful and outrageous promises of what Heave will be like for us.

God bless you with His joy and release this day.

Love, Clare

We Are On The Verge of War
Forgiveness Precedes Intimacy With God, 
It Is An Absolute Necessity

Tonight was pretty intense.  Dealing with a situation here that had the potential for a lot of anger, the Lord called us to account and basically told us that without forgiveness, complete and total, we will not be able to hear Him the way we all want to.

He promised to come to those who will obey Him and prepare their hearts for His perceptible presence.

I got a very late start because I had to spend three hours with Ezekiel as we both forgave a situation here that has been very frustrating.  The Lord basically told us that putting up with certain things with charity was a cross He wanted us to carry out of love for Him and for the soul's heart to turn around to Him before she died.

He also came in a navy blue Naval officer's clothing and told me that we are on the verge of war.  It has been held off for just about as long as is possible and now there is only short amount of time left to us.

He is asking all of us to prepare our hearts, repent from selfishness, pride and lack of compassion, to spend more time making sure you've forgiven everyone and yourself for past failures and sins.  Without forgiveness we will not be able to enter into an intimate relationship with Him.  Things are getting more intense around us as He prophesied yesterday, time is shortening.

I pray for all of us to have courage to forgive, love and be faithful.


Jesus shares how to recognize that  you will be raptured.

In this passionate message the Lord expresses His love for each Bride and His longing to dance that very first dance at the wedding reception.

He also shares some of the attributes of His Bride, and how to recognize if you are going to be taken.

A very comforting message.

Love to you all, 


Prophetic Message from Jesus, 
The Death and Resurrection of America

In this very short video the Lord Jesus gives a prophetic message about the demise and resurrection of America.
He also mentions the empty play acting and saber rattling that will end in the preplanned and agreed upon destruction of our country by both supposedly 'hostile' countries. This, being a part of destroying the sovereignty of all nations to be amalgamated into one controllable global government.

Next He encourages the true Americans who will stand up and fight.  He will be with them and in the end they will triumph and America will be restored.

This is a powerful message of unconditional love, along the lines of the Book of Hosea.

Peace and courage to all,


Published on Apr 25, 2015
You Hearts Are My Fragrant Garden

The Lord is so encouraging in this video, He explains in great detail what we are all going through right now, why, and the fruits of our trials.

Humility is the crowning glory of His Bride, when her charity and humility begin to resemble His, she is at her Zenith and ready for her Heavenly Bride Groom.

One of the fastest ways to holiness is learning how to respond like Jesus when people criticize and lie about you.

Rapture waiting is difficult but He promises us the fruit of those who wait upon the Lord and blesses us with strength and growth in holiness.

Thank you for listening. Love, Clare

Timely Instructions 2

Published on Apr 24, 2015
Rescued From A Familiar Spirit

How the Lord revealed a familiar spirit who tried to insert itself during my message time with the Lord. How we handle those situations and how we discern they have gained access. 

Also, why you didn't get a message from Jesus yesterday!

Love you all, keep us in your prayers,