"We Are Waiting on The Turn-Key Event" For The Rapture
April 2, 2015

We are waiting for a very specific event to transpire before the Rapture.  In this video the Lord Jesus revealed the posture and readiness of His angels and they seemed to be standing still between Earth and the Moon, just waiting for an event the Lord called a Turn Key Event, to happen.

He also admonished us not to grow slack in our vigils and to look for opportunities to do good to those around you, both the good and wicked just as His Father in Heaven does.

Towards the end of the message He very kindly reminded us all of His constant presence and constant attempts to get our attention with little signs of affection…perhaps a heart shaped tomato, or jelly 'globbing' out on peanut butter in the shape of a heart and especially, love songs when you go to the grocery store, He loves for all of us to recognize His sweet overtures and messages of love.  He is so happy when we recognize these things because He gives them to lots of people but they go right over their heads.

So be on the look out for love songs and hearts. He called these lover's games.

I included a couple of verses from Terry MacAlmon's song How Long, which is all about the Rapture.  I think you'll love it.

We so love our little family of watchers, God bless you Too Much!  



My Bride, You Are Forgiven

Tonight the Lord blessed me with a meditation on forgiveness for His precious Bride. 

So many of our YouTube family have written in fearful that they were not forgiven and wouldn't be taken in the Rapture.  Some of the things they are concerned about have no bearing on them being taken and are obviously attacks from the Accuser, Satan, to steal her joy and cause her to fall into despair.

But the Lord is very concerned for His 'YouTube Bride' and her well being, fulfillment and happiness.  He wants us all looking forward to the Rapture with Great Joy and Expectation.  When He comes, He wants to see her smiling not cowering in a corner afraid she will be left behind.

I believe that's why He led me in that meditation last night, so that I could have the joy of forgiveness and lift up my head without shame,  to the hills from whence comes My Lord and Heavenly Bride Groom.

It all began when I came into prayer and felt deep remorse for my many sins, and afterwards He asked me to share this with you.

So many have written to us being afraid they would not be Raptured.   

This is what Ezekiel and I believe.  If you are sorry, from the depths of your soul, for having offended Jesus, and your neighbor,  I believe He has totally forgiven you, and I believe He will take you in the Rapture.

If you are sorry that you may not be taken in the Rapture, you need to go back to your knees and pray that God will convict you of what you have done to Him and your neighbor, so that you can repent from the heart and be forgiven.

Also, it doesn't matter what's been done to you by whom, you must forgive them or you will not find complete forgiveness with the Lord.  You must forgive. If you just can't bring yourself to feel forgiveness for them, well, you can make an act of the will and even ask Him to feel the forgiveness and love for them.  Even if the feeling does not come, still, you have made an act of the will, He will honor that.

I know this is a long video,(it took me 9 hours to make it) find a time when you can truly enter into the process with the Lord, find a place where you will absolutely not be interrupted.  And allow Holy Spirit to bring to mind unfinished business, while Jesus holds you tenderly and the waters of forgiveness carry all your sins into the ocean of His mercy.

We truly love you all and feel your pain, I believe this video with the grace of God is going to release you from the burdens you've been carrying and Satan has been loading you down with.


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The Celestial Wedding, & Advent of the Rapture, At The Door

What an awesome event was portrayed to me tonight. The Lord came to me in a white tuxedo with a white carnation and I was in my wedding gown. We were dancing to Terry's music and I understood that we were at our wedding reception.

A beautiful ceremony transpired before God the Father who married us, then after a brief interval of rest we ascended into the stars and nebula where perfect ice appeared for us to skate on. 

The Lord gave me an instruction about the time we are in now, directly preceding the Rapture, and encouragement not to put it off in our minds until the fall.

He's coming!

To those of you who have generously supported us, I want to tell you, it has freed us up to pray for you and work on these videos without the degree of exhaustion we've been working under. Thank you so very, very much. 

I love you all and am so excited for us! 


Another Soul For Heaven, Another Jewel in Your Crown

This video is a heads up video that in the time remaining to us, we will find that each day becomes a little more intense and challenging to our Christian virtue.

The Lord is sending us souls that are difficult to love. He's counting on us to pray for them that they not be lost. He's using the difficult feelings we have as a fast offering to help that soul along, so they are not lost, and counting on us to love and forgive.

There isn't much time left, but in that time things will get more intense and there will be deliberate attempts to steal our peace and erode our faith. The enemy senses that there isn't much time left to trip us up, so he's making a concerted effort to steal faith and hope. 

Intimacy with the Lord is an important source of strength for us to triumph over these attacks. 

He's also adding another jewel to our crown, day by day.

Thank you for listening and obeying His voice in your heart. 


Jesus is Coming, Draw The Line On Your Involvement With The World

In this video, Jesus advises us to cut WAY back on activities that are not absolute necessity, and even at that revise that list. He wants us to stay totally focused on Him and what is coming. Be careful with your adult children lest they distract you away from Jesus. Expect the enemy to try and draw you into big projects that require lots of time and energy. We don't have time, avoid long distance planning. 

He explains how the enemy uses seemingly 'necessary' things to keep us going in the wrong direction, when critical things are on the horizon. It's a real eye opener to see exactly how easily we are sucked into a trap that will leave us exhausted with no oil in our lamps. 

No one is guaranteed to be taken. Those who feel secure, be careful lest at the last moment Satan entraps you in the world and you are left behind.

Jesus also explains why worship time is so critical at this hour in history.

Much love, 


Persevere in Intimacy With the Lord, Last Tuesday, "Close Call"

In this video the Lord shares a little of his plan for our loved ones who have turned away from Him, and those who once loved Him but now are avoiding Him and filling their lives with empty things. He is asking us to release them to Him, along with His promise for their lives.

He mentions also that very volatile circumstances occurred last Tuesday and we were all called to prayer for a very specific reason.

He is so pleased with those who have taken Him seriously in the messages and turned more and more away from the world.

And last of all, but sweetest of all, He chided me that He felt like a "wall flower" because of the Brides that would not dance with Him.

It was very endearing. Truly He has a tender heart, sensitive to rejection. I believe He was encouraging us to press in to that intimate place in His heart.

Nuclear War with Russia and Rapture of the Church

What if This Were Your Last Few Weeks On Earth?

I whispered to the Lord, "I'm scared Lord." He answered me, "I am too." 

I was not able to verify the story from the EU Times, but I was able to verify that Captain Heather Cole was relieved of her command.

Russia is in the midst of military exercises near the near the arctic circle and within hours of Captain Cole's dismissal, the Lord was calling us to a serious prayer vigil. Where there is smoke…there is fire. And I know the heaviness He allowed upon us in that vigil. From His perspective, it was a critical moment in History, whether confirmed or unconfirmed by the media. Which we cannot trust anyway.

What if the next few weeks are your last on earth? How are you going to spend them? We believe that when Miami is hit with a nuclear weapon, that very day Jesus is coming for His Bride.

And if we are wrong and it all blows over, then we will be more prepared than ever to stand before Jesus on the Day of the Lord, for Scripture will be fulfilled. 

Everything Seems Business As Usual, Back to The World or Waiting on the Rapture

The dates we were expecting might be the rapture of the church, well, they came and went.  In yesterday's message the Lord corrected us and said it would be at a time we didn't expect, and that means not on a feast day.

I tried to argue more time to Him and He told me why He couldn't give us more time.

He also went into great detail about reasons for not giving us more time as well as why the current system has to be revamped from the bottom up with God in control to prevent greedy people from stealing what rightfully belongs to others, i.e. selling seed to farmers instead of letting them harvest seed.  Outrageous!

God bless each of you, you are all so precious to us.


Heaven and the Millennium, After the Rapture

In this video the Lord shares many of the marvels of Heaven as they pertain to our own personal growth and fulfillment.  Wonderful details about the ease of performing any task, the availability of knowledge, and that we will be taught by the Lord.

This was a bit of a surprise to me, I thought surely there will be classes in Heaven. But He said He will teach each and every one, but there will be group work to do, very much like what we would call a lab here on earth.

He talked about the state of souls in the Millennium when we return and some of the work we will do for Him.

The message tonight was very encouraging and low stress so to speak, the last two days have been very demanding and it was refreshing to hear about Heaven.

Oh how good He is to change the subject when change is needed!

God bless you all dear family.  Much Love,  Clare

I'm really excited about this message tonight. 

So many of you are writing to me and asking how can I get close to Him the way you are.  I've been praying for you and the Lord responded tonight with a very needed explanation of what draws Him closer to a soul and what repels Him away from a soul. 

It is very encouraging because these are simple things you can do and He will help you with.  One step forward in the journey will bring results to your prayer life.  One step forward with good intentions is all you need to begin this journey and prepare the way for Him. 

It was wonderful to hear Him say that He excludes no one.  His arms are open to all, but He suffers very much from the things we put into our minds, the things we watch, listen to and dwell on.  He hears and sees these things and they repel Him.  Not only that but there is a certain tuning…a certain sensitivity level that is required to hear and see Him. 

He's on the God station, not the World station.  And if we wean ourselves off of worldly entertainment and become more quiet and remote to worldly noise and chatter, it becomes easier to hear and see Him. 

Well, He explains this so well in this video, I won't go into anymore depth. 

He also mentioned that a date has been set for the Rapture and He is in waiting mode along with all of Heaven for this soon to transpire event. 

God bless you family, I know this video is really going to minister to those of you who are seeking Him with all your hearts. 

Thank you SO SO SO much for your donations.  Life is getting more manageable since so many of you have given and supported our work.  Now I have even more time for you as a result. 

Much Love and Prayer for you, 


The Lord is entreating us, "Please, Dance With Me"

Please my King, what do you want me to tell your children?

"Tell them I am coming for them and they will never know the kind of love I have for them until they are on this dance floor in Heaven with Me. In the meantime, I would like them to make practice runs. Simply go to the holy place of your imagination and visualize a grand ballroom with Me standing there in full formal military attire, saying, "May I have this dance?"

Timely Instructions 1

The Great Revival After the Rapture
         Every Eye Will See Him, The Tribes Will Mourn
                   The Rapture Will Not Be Expected (like on a feast day)

In this video I am struggling with a little insecurity and doubt about the talk of a great revival before the Rapture. The Lord has told me more than once that this will not happen, but, being human and having other souls consider my words, I felt very responsible to be accurate and not mislead anyone.

The Lord deals mercifully with my insecurities and repeats that there will be no revival before the Rapture, but there will indeed be The Great Revival after the Rapture.  He also clarifies that He shall be seen by His Jewish people and that will be part of their conviction for rejecting their Messiah.

This goes contrary to popular opinion, but the woman who had the powerful open vision of the Rapture when she was 13 and not a believer, saw the Lord and His angels coming on the clouds and blowing trumpets.  Later on the Lord confirmed to us that her vision was highly accurate and that HE WILL BE SEEN!  He goes into more depth on that.

He also talks about simplicity, littleness and being led by Him rather than by our own scholarly prowess.  

A very clarifying message for me.

Thank you for tuning into our channel.  And to those who have been able to donate to us, we are profoundly grateful, it really helps.

Much love,


Attacks Against the Faith in The Rapture Are On The Way
March 30, 2015

In this video the Lord is warning us to be very careful that the enemy does not steal our peace.

It has come to our attention that people are saying foolish things like, "If you don't speak in tongues you won't be taken in the Rapture." The Lord Himself refuted that this night and told us that is a lie.

But our restless natures have us sometimes being too curious and surfing about on the net for more and more answers. That can open the door for an attack against faith when what one prophet says is contrary to what another says. We can walk away confused and stressed out, insecure. He has some suggestions for us to preserve our peace of mind. He has taken great care to impart His peace to us about the Rapture.

So, His advice to us tonight was to be careful, protect the peace He's given us. Defend Him against those who would detract from Him or say that He's not faithful. 

Also, I did a teaching on this very thing not too long ago and I'll add the link here.

Confusion-Listening to Too Many Prophets

Pets Will Be Raptured & 13 Year Old Girl's Brilliant Vision of the Lord's Return, Which the Lord Has Told Me Is the Vision of the Rapture

My Vision of the Return of Jesus Christ:   Shiela, Christian Forever first seen on Jason Cox channel at: https://youtu.be/Dt--TNZzsxc?list=LLtysruP3VK3vCcmWldmrz6g

In this video I am sharing with you a message from Jesus about some of the joys of Heaven and that our beloved pets are coming with us.  Also the video of Shiela's dream when she was only 13 years old is included.  

The Lord has told me that her vision of the Lord's return is highly accurate and applies to the Rapture of His Bride. 

Please take the time to listen to it, it is wonderful!!!  

And if you've been worried about your animals, peace be with you, they are coming too.

I know I will get criticized for this, but there is only One I have to please and if I am faithful to Him that's all that counts.  Sorry if this goes against your interpretation of how the Rapture will occur.

Here is a supporting Scripture:Romans 8:18   I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.        19For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.   20For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope           21thath the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God.

God bless you all, keep your eyes on the sky, and Miami.  Tonight the Lord's eyes streamed with tears and He cut the message short. 


Unconditional Trust In Me
April 8, 2015

In this video the Lord addresses our restlessness and worries about the Rapture. He exposes the enemy of faith, our own human reasoning, and asks us to lay down this logic and place unconditional child like faith and trust in Him.

Wow.  It's easier to write about than it is to live it out!

We are getting many attacks on the Rapture and its timing, but our hearts our firmly set on trusting Him, when this happens all the what if's just disappear.

Much love to you all, 


"I want My Bride to approach Me with the confidence that she will be fully received. I am not some great and terrible king in whose presence you could be executed, no to the meek, I am meek, to the fragile, every so gentle, the to fearful, embracing with open arms. But to those who are angry and cruel, I am fierce and protective, to those who deceive, I catch in their own rouses, to those who are wicked, I brandish the iron rod. 

Jesus is Asking us to Keep Vigil with Him  and To Not Judge Others  

When the Dogwood blooms was when a 13 year old who had no Christian parents or teachings had a tremendous open vision of the Rapture. 

In this video the Lord is calling us to keep a vigil, curtail all non essential activities.  He is calling us to keep Him company for His comfort and also for our readiness.  What will transpire is going to challenge our faith.

He wants us to be solid in our faith for those around us. If we've been basking in the world's reality, we won't be ready.  We'll be just as stricken as the rest of the world.

He has also admonished us not to pass judgment on who is going in the Rapture.  "No one knows the state of a soul but Me."  To pass judgment is to presume to be equal to God.  I know we worry about who is going to go because we love them, that is understandable, but lets be careful when we worry to give them to Him in prayer.

Also He mentions that during this time we should very careful not to stain our wedding gowns by criticizing and judging others.

Sorry it was late, we've been covered with correspondence and not able to catch up to everything.

Love you all.