Taylor 5/18/17

Through all the struggles and hardships, I find I am consistently drawn to this channel every day. I will admit that after the 3 year delay was announced, I fell apart both mentally and spiritually because I based my life around the rapture. However, I continued to still listen in and am now learning to apply myself. I have started some guitar songs, more prayer and worship time and have started really listening to Julie True.  

Elly 5/20/17

Dear Clare and Ezekiel, how do I thank you? If I wouldn't have heard your messages I would still be a big and huge mediocre believer. I went to a lot churches, but never, I really never learned so much like I am learning here.
I learned in leaps when I started to meet my Lord Jesus Christ in the deep soaking dwelling prayer. Everything you taught with the guide of J.C. and Holy Spirit is true....I am having attacks even in my dwelling prayer...even the Lord says me, come back to me, come always back to me..(when my thoughts goes abroad)

Until first clicking a message back in September, and immediately
recognizing Jesus in your love letters, I had only personally received
two supernatural visits with the Lord, in my whole life(even though I
had been raised in a Pentecostal church and spoke in tongues since age
9). I cherished them, and thought I was fortunate to even have those,
but then realized through your ministry that it could be a much more
common occurrence.


Under Construction

Many of you know that my husband is now the director of the orphanage in which he grew up (the Baptist Children's Village of Mississippi). We have been traveling just about every week-end so that he can preach/speak about the orphanage in many Baptist churches in Mississippi. it has been a wonderful,
exhausting, spirit-filled adventure!
This past Saturday we were traveling to North Mississippi and it started raining really hard. We suddenly came upon a wreck that had just occurred. 

Jessica Owusu 3/20/17

  With that said, the past couple of weeks I have been dealing with one thing after another. If not for the Heart Dwellers Ministry, and knowing that Christ Jesus is always with me, as long as I remember to let him lead me, I would be a total basket case by this point. Because of the important messages from Christ Jesus, and the ministering that you have given to us, I know why I am being attacked constantly, by enemy spiritual warfare, so therefore, I know how to fight off these constant attacks with protection and binding prayers.

Dora Kitty - 1/29/17

 Hello everyone, I have been on a small reprieve while the Lord was teaching me something very important and now I want to share with everyone. Recently I have been dealing with what defines a Christian and how to share the Gospel. Clare's ministry has been very enlightening to me personally but I am being pulled to understand how to approach people both in 1on1 and in 
congregation bodies. From this experience two very distinct topics came up and I want to share both in hopes it encourages your walks with Jesus....

Joseph - 11/25/16

Hello Heartdwellers, I have a big testimony of how Jesus delivered me last night. I was having a chat with my flatmate and all of a sudden, I felt dizzy and really terrible. it was so bad that I felt I was about to collapse but I didn't mentioned it to my flatmate, I just said goodnight to her cos it was late anyway.

I entered my room and just collapsed on my bed and it got worst with feverish feeling. I felt out of it and heard some noise in my ears. I remember saying to myself, oh I think my spiritual senses are more heightened now.

Many of you know that my husband is now the director of the orphanage in which he grew up (the Baptist Children's Village of Mississippi). We have been traveling just about every week-end so that he can preach/speak about the orphanage in many Baptist churches in Mississippi. it has been a wonderful, exhausting, spirit-filled adventure! This past Saturday we were traveling to North Mississippi and it started raining really hard. We suddenly came upon a wreck that had just occurred. 

Molly Sturgeon - 2/19/17

While I am not able to super hear our Lord or see Him in visions as others, etc., Jesus has used this ministry to greatly blessed me by teaching me through His messages to Clare to seek Him day by day and with His help, deny myself, pick up my cross and follow Him. Also, He has helped me greatly in accepting trials in my life as something I can offer Him , instead of whining and complaining over everything that doesn't go my way. I see now how all things permitted in our lives are not only for our own highest good, but also for the good of others through Jesus. 

Bruce 3/28/17

 Clare, I love you so much. You have no idea how much your channel has ministered to me and helped me in my walk with the Lord. I had no idea that my time with the Lord brought Jesus so much pleasure. It makes me want to spend time with Him. I know your road is hard sometimes and you struggle, but please know your struggles help others. You really are making a difference. Thank you for all you do, your sacrifices, your transparency, your failures, your successes. You make me want Jesus more and more, so for that, I am thankful.

Gr8FishingMadness 3/20/17

The Parkers 5/15/17

 Hello Clare & heart dwellers family..May the Lord bless you All. Thank you for your last 2 recent messages..by reading them I have received the Lord's replies, guidance & expectations from me. It's nearly 1 month time now that Jesus has directed me to your site. I must confess that am now visiting it almost everyday..seeking confirmation of the Lord's messages to me. I thank God for putting you on my pathway and I keep you & your team in my prayers for God's anointment to always operate in you all to guide others through their walk to the Kingdom of GOD. 

Rosa 6/01/17

Son Of Jesus1 3/20/17

Clare and Heartdwellers, Holy Spirit brought me to this channel on 5/3/16. I was very concerned about the rapture at that point as most of us were.
On 3/18 a day before your message where Jesus mentioned the rapture delay, I wrote this in my journal: "I hadn't thought for a while about the rapture and I have been thinking that life will go on as normal, but in a little over 2 years this will all be over so time is short. So don't worry about retirement or my oldest being in college because time is short." 

Ramona McFann 3/28/17

Hi Sister Clare. I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how
much your messages have changed our lives. We started watching your
channel about 6 months ago, first time really watching anyone on
Youtube. My husband and I were stuck and watched most all your previous
messages and continue to follow. We have been long time Christians but
really didn't get active in the church until about 10 years ago. We gave
a lot of time to the church and felt we were really growing spiritually.

Russell Dodds 3/20/17

What a wonderful message. Just for that, another comment for you. I have been fighting hard on the mountain of holiness. Listening to your channel for almost 2 years now, or maybe one and a half, I can't remember. Anyways, this channel has changed my life exponentially; It has given me a whole new Foundation. It spreads to others while bringing me deeper into prayer.  

Sister Clare,
I thank you for your email, but to be really honest, Jesus saved me from 
eternal damnation back in May 2016, when he directed me to view one of 
the you-tube videos,  it was so moving that I immediately repented all 
my sins to him there and then and have ever since followed you on you-tube.
I will continue to support you each month as well as Flutemakersministeries.
Thanks to you I think I can now talk in tongues, as I asked Holy Spirit 
to allow me and I did notice when I now pray my voice sounds entirely 
different to what it normally is, I guess this is what happens as I’ve 
never heard anyone talk in tongues before. Thank you for all you done!

I was broken. As a child I knew I was different, I felt I was out of place, I remembered JESUS. As a teenager, I sort the attention of pleasing my parents. I tried to kill myself but no one noticed, I remembered JESUS, When I became an adult and left home, I sort love and attention from the World, I remembered JESUS. I married, had children, joined a Church and yet I became a dead woman walking. I tried to kill myself, No one noticed, I remembered JESUS.  

Sandra Maissin 11/28/16

Same same same I was really really lost and wandering and totally in fear of Hell. I was saved a year and a half ago. I was just walking into my salvation and out of total fear gave my life to Christ after hearing Hell. But it distorted the view I had on him. Well then GOD must of really felt bad for me because he led me I don't know how but I clicked on the still small voice channel and like was totally and utterly blown away by the amount of Love and Truth to that channel.  

Dave W 3/20/17

Gods Work In Progress 3/19/17