Feb 14th 2022

All Pdf's in a Single File

ATTN: Vimeo has been deleting some Videos, we are working on this... the Mp3 and Pdf are Posted so you can Read and Hear the messages.

This link won't be active until - after - the end of the Month!

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Feb 8th 2022

Feb 26th 2022

Feb 29th 2022

Feb 7th 2021

Feb 18th 2021

Feb 9th 2022

Feb 25th 2021

Feb 16th 2021

Feb 4th 2022

Feb 2nd 2022

Feb 22nd 2022

Feb 18th 2021

Feb 12th 2022

Feb 21st 2021

Feb 1st 2022

Feb 10th 2021

Feb 22nd 2022

Feb 23rd 2022

Feb 26th 2021

Feb 15th 2022

Feb 17th 2021

February 2022 Video and Pdf Files

  All the messages from this time period have been compiled into one, convenient PDF book Below.
Please feel free to download, print, copy, or share this PDF File to anybody you feel it could help!

Feb 28th 2022

Feb 25th 2021

Feb 11th 2021

Feb 29th 2021

Feb 21st 2021