Is there any benefit to becoming a HeartDweller? What do people experience when they become a part of this amazing group of Jesus Loving Christians? What is being a HeartDweller really all about?

Is there any better way to find out than to read the Testimonials straight from those who came here seeking Jesus? Have a look at the amazing story's written by those who have experienced the power and Love of Jesus through the HeartDwellers Ministry. 

Due to an ongoing flow of new Testimonials, we decided that it would be best if we changed the format. I believe that it was a bit hard to read for some of you because of the changing scale of the small ones in comparison to the larger files. Those with smaller monitors had a hard time seeing the text on some of the letters. You'll be happy to know, the way it's done, for now, makes them open to what you are all used to reading from, a simple and very easy to read PDF file!

We are still looking into options to make it better, but were not going to see how this works out for a bit first! Please let us know if you like this format!

Thanks for your patience, and thanks so much for these amazing letters telling us just how much our YouTube channel and/or website have Blessed you!

All Glory to God!

This is just a few of our generous donors! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

God Bless each of you for helping us to be able to help so many others!