Download all or just parts of the complete USB drive to your computer’s desktop or hard-drive from the LINKS BELOW THIS BOX. You can then share those files or build your own digital version of a “Leave Behind Kit” to include Still Small Voice - Tethered (Words from The Lord, teachings, music, and other encouragements) for those left behind. We’ve broken up the data into smaller downloads if you don't have the internet speed or patience for downloading the entire 13.5GB file all at once. The box below this one contains the links to the individual files, and the box below that has the link to the large single file.single large 

The complete drive include these parts:
• Art & Photos
• Books
• Faith Building Proofs
• Jesus’ Teachings
• Movies
• Music

• HD Audio

Tethered 4 Disc Album in high Quality - 320 Kbps. 44,100 hz, Stereo MP3 Audio Format

Still Small Voice - Tethered USB  - Seperate Downloads


                          A Single Large File Download                  For now, we have decided to only use a Torrent/Peer to peer type format for this download due to limitations of our web hosting source. We are looking for an alternative at this time, but do plan to offer both, a single large Zip file and a Torrent link to the same file.

WHAT IS A TORRENT FILE?:  A Torrent file is a format used when using peer to peer file sharing. The more people that have the file you seek, the faster your downloads will be. This is currently one of the fastest ways available to download large files and is the current standard used when dealing with very large files. Watching this video will make it crystal clear as to how it works and why it's so fast!

WHERE DO I GET THE TORRENT FILE SOFTWARE?: You can simply click this link below, and it will take you to the "Utorrent" Website.

                    Utorrent For Windows  | 


                             Utorrent for Mac  |   

HOW DO I USE THE UTORRENT SOFTWARE?: It's quite simple! You must use the above link to get Utorrent, and then you must install it. Once this is done, when you click the "TORRENT LINK TO THE LARGE 16GB FILE" button below, it will place a very small file on your computer. Once you click that file, it will automatically open the Utorrent software and immediately, start downloading the 13.5GB Single Large File.

 Tethered FULL Version 4.0

 Includes HD Audio on MP3's   |

Tethered ZIP FILE Download   |

Still Small Voice - Tethered USB - Single Download

Tethered the Book Information

Tethered and Thumb Drive Information

This Book is Now Available

in These Formats:

The individual files                                 

                       Arts and Photos |  

                                       Books |  

              Faith Building Proofs |  

            Jesus Teachings 1 of 3  |  

            Jesus Teachings 2 of 3  | 

           Jesus Teachings 3 of 3  |

                                    Movies  |  

                                      Music  |

Tethered the Album Information