One of the most important things in Clare's Heart has been the state of the Children. Since we started working with Erik the Flutemaker with his cause in Nicaragua, it seems as if Jesus has opened our eyes to so many other very important causes, but I'm not sure if there is a greater one at hand then the state of the Children that are taken through human trafficking. These are the ones that go missing silently in the night, only to wake up to the horrors of now being a slave to a complete stranger, who treats them no differently than an animal.

They are forced to do unspeakable things day and night while enduring great risk to themselves every minute of every day until they either pass away from the abuse or the drugs or suicide. It is sadly numbered in the few, the ones who manage to find that one in a million who are willing to help them to escape or get help. We are trying to change that! The groups and websites we show below are 3 of the places that Clare is working with to help those children whose needs are truly a matter of life and death! Please Pray for the Children who fall victim to this horrible fate.

Nicaragua Outreach

- Real People, Real Victims -

Vos Tambien Website

America is said to be a Place where other Countries can shop for our Children, by using a School yearbook!

Where do your donations go?

These pages were created to show you all the wonderful things that have become of your generous donations over the years! Heartdwellers IS Fruitful, in every way imaginable! We give to the widows, the orphans, the children, the poor, the needy, the homeless, the destitute, the underprivileged, the broken, and even those who find themselves in an emergency financial situation. We have been and will continue to help all we can, especially with the Children. Here are just some of the examples of where your gifts have made a difference!

Sutisana Website

The Sad Reality of Trafficking:

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Magdalene hope Website

- How can I Help? -

The state of our children

Taos Indian  Pueblo Outreach

What's New with

Vos Tambien?

Taos Indian Pueblo Outreach

Future Trafficking pages


Trafficking Outreach

All 3 of these sources have ways to contact them to help. They have programs to raise money through selling products also and allow for setting up a store if one wishes to help that way. Some of them have volunteer options also. Another way to help is to be alert and aware of the children in your neighborhood, and ask questions if anything unusual appears. If you see an unknown vehicle going around the block several times, especially when children are present, try to not lose eye contact with the children and write down license plates if you see suspicious vehicles. Teach your children to scream as loud as they can, no matter how much fear they may have, this could save their life.

If you see a child who needs help, you can pass this information along to them, and help them to reach out for help.

Outreach 1

New Mexico Information - Clares home state.

Trafficked Children

Future Trafficking pages

Nicaragua Outreach