• 08 - Healing Waters8:26
  • Liberation, Soaking Prayer in Heaven with Jesus,12:59
  • Round the Bend, music, from Journeys Through the Beautiful Place9:54
  • The Our Father, by Clare2:38
  • Endless Embrace, music from Journeys Through The Beautiful Place5:46
  • Turn To The Lord4:03

Healing Waters is a musical reflection of our travels in Heaven from the album   'Journeys Thru the Beautiful Place'   on our music page, and all music is free.  Enjoy.

Chronicles of the Bride

These Chronicles are at the very heart of our mission to share with  you, His Bride. They have been entrusted to us specifically to illustrate just how 'human' and approachable and fun Jesus truly is.  Yes He is God, the Mighty One and the second person of the Trinity, but He deliberately incarnated as 'man' to reflect His tender love for His creation and all humankind.Heaven is a place of wonder and far beyond anything Walt Disney ever conceived of...after all, Scripture has it, "Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, and neither has it entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for those who love Him."  So I hope you will climb aboard and enjoy this journey with us, and as you read, remember, YOU have favorite things and places and He knows all about your affections, likes and dislikes, so someday you will enjoy the very particular place He has prepared for you and you alone.  When He said, "I go to prepare a place for you...."  He couldn't have meant it more literally than that, so this is the point of what we are sharing with you, it's not a gift given to us alone, but He has marvelous things in store for you, our story is only meant to inspire you with the possibilities.

There are so many chronicles from our experiences in Heaven that I am a bit overwhelmed in trying to get them onto the site. Please be patient with me as I remedy this short coming.  Our book, Chronicles of the Bride, a free download on this site, is only the tip of the iceberg. This first entry, I just couldn't resist since it happened so recently.  All in all I have been very busy with writing music, singing and getting ready for our next YouTubes, but I will try to be more faithful in reporting these as they happen...pray for us...to be able to get the tremendous backlog entered.  A little encouragement goes a long way, so please let me know when you find something that truly ministers to you on our site. And for those who have written us, we are eternally grateful for your encouragement. 

Thank you.  Clare

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The Singing River Chronicle
March 19, 2014
More of the delights and surprises Jesus has in store for us...when He said, I go to prepare a place for you...He meant you, not me or anyone else. This chronicle reflects the things I love and find wonderful, a luminous cave filled with crystals of awesome height and color and singing waters.      Full Chronicle PDF

  'There was a small canoe waiting there for us.   Jesus sat in the back, steering and paddling us deep into the cavern.  Round the first bend, much to my delight and surprise were giant clear quartz crystals from three to seven feet in length, and of all different colors.  Amethyst, aquamarine...'

Jesus said, “Please tell them about this place.  I want them to know I created it for their delight and someday, very soon, I will take them in this very same canoe, into the depths of this Heavenly crystal nursery, and the waters will sing for joy with them too.”


The Father's Tree House

March 18, 2014

A rare glimpse into the charming simplicity of Heaven and particularly the intimate family Life of Jesus and God the Father. 

                              Full Chronicle PDF


"Jesus and I sat on the reclining love seat. He put His arm around me, pulled me close and to His Heart and we just sat relaxing and watching the critters coming around.  A delicate fawn came up and first nosed Jesus and then me,  Simba the white tiger who was given to me on our wedding day,  and very placid non aggressive alligator. Many other creatures too, came to keep us company.  The waterfall was exquisitely ethereal with delicate mosses growing from the trees , multicolored butterflies…blue morphos as well as lavender and pink ones darting playfully before the rushing water of the falls."


The River of Light
(full version not in pdf format)      
  February 21, 2014
It all began in prayer this morning, Jesus came to me and gave a daily instruction.  It had been many many days since I saw Him and I missed Him very much.  I also missed our adventures in Heaven...something He had chided me about..."You don't have time for Me."  I think because I am so work oriented, almost OCD, He needed to correct me.  So this morning I was sure to mention our times in Heaven.  I said, "Oh Jesus, I miss our times in Heaven together and all the critters!"

And so He took me by the hand and said excitedly, “Common!”

And soon we were entering the tropical jungle of the island I first saw when we swam beneath Opal Cove and hand glided to a glistening island off in the near distance.  (Page 71 in Chronicles of the Bride, The Fifth Waterfall, November 14th, 2007)

This is also where He built our tree fort.  Going deep into the jungle I soon spotted the rocky promontory surrounded by trees that seemed to go on forever into the skies of Heaven.  He found us a stout vine and just as before we began to swing from vine to vine until we had come to the tree fort overlooking the jungle.

About twenty miles away in the distance there was a monolithic red rock rising up into the sky.  It reminded me of Ayers Rock Monolith in Australia, and coming from its center was what looked like a puff of smoke, but I thought…I don’t know if there is fire in Heaven and lava because that seems so destructive, but something was cascading down the side of the monolith and into the jungle below.  It was kind of milky white yet translucent agate similar to Chalcedony, and flowed gracefully like water.


With the very thought of my inquiry we were suddenly on the jungle floor examining a river of ‘light’ which is my best way of explaining it. When I put my hand into it I didn’t get wet, but it magnified the details…so I put a leaf under it and all the veins became apparent and the longer I looked the deeper it went enlarging even the cells and membranes of the leaf until nothing at all was hidden to me.

Jesus was thoroughly enjoying my wonder at this mystery and He didn’t say anything to me, rather He just watched me in utter delight. Soon we were walking upstream of this river and noticing the vibrant and pastel flowers that grew alongside the path and stream.  They were like graceful miniature umbrellas of the most pure and vibrant colors I can ever remember seeing, and they were no more than five inches high littering the ground everywhere.  It reminded me of a scene from a Thomas Kinkade meadow.  Perhaps he had visited this place too….

We came upon a ‘waterfall’ of light that opened into a large pool at its base and on the other side there was the opening to a large meadow.  Soon we were walking across the meadow and I somehow saw this scene from above, there were perhaps seven tigers walking along with and behind us and above a flock of butterflies dipped and dived gracefully only to ascend again perhaps twelve feet in the air. Their colorful wings flashed different colors as they changed position while they were flying.   Oh what a wonderful place!

Jesus walked beneath the waterfall and raised His arms and hands enjoying the cascade of light.  I believe He said, “Yes, it is the river of life, but what you are seeing is the very essence separated from the water.” I think in other words the water was invisible to me, but its regenerative qualities, the misty light was clearly seen.


“Arise, My love, My beautiful one,
and come away,
 for behold,

the winter is past;
the rain is over and gone.

 The flowers appear on the earth,
the time of singing has come,
and the voice of the turtledove
is heard in our land.

The fig tree ripens its figs,
and the vines are in blossom;
they give forth fragrance.

Arise, My love,

My beautiful one,

and come away.

O My dove, in the

clefts of the rock...

let Me see your face,

let Me hear your voice,

for your voice is sweet,

and your face is lovely.

Chronicles of the Bride