​  Unconditional Trust in Me

(trusting in Jesus)

 Prophetic Word from Jesus: The Death and Resurrection of America

​  Everything Seems Business ​As Usual (Rapture still pending)

​  Draw Souls to Me With the

Fragrance of My Love (Jesus)

​  Jesus' Perceptible and

​Manifest Presence With You

​  Jesus Call us to

​"Rest in Me"

Trials: The Final Facets on My Gems before the Rapture

​  The Great Revival

After the Rapture

​  CERN: I Am God

​There is None Other

​  Jesus is Waiting on the

​Turn Key Event

​  Heaven & the Millennium, 

​After the Rapture

​  Keep a Rapture Vigil With Me

& Do not Judge

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​    Without Love You Will Not Be Taken in the Rapture

​   "Blessed Are The Pure, For They Shall See Me" Prophetic Word

​   Honesty, Looking into God's Mirror

​    Carry The Cross, Don't Judge, Preparation for War Almost Complete 

Jesus Shares How to Recognize That You Will be Taken in the Rapture 

  Are You Called to Go In The Rapture or Stay to Help?

​  I Have Gone to Prepare

​a Place for You - Last Leg

​  Rescued From a 

Familiar Spirit

​   Count the Cost (Of An Intimate Relationship with With Jesus0 

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​    You, Too, Are Vessels Unto Honor and How to Find Answers to Your Questions

​     Provision and Protection For Those Left Behind

​   Can Men Experience Closeness with Jesus as Women Do?

​  Surrender It All To Me

​  Open Your Heart All the

​Way to Me, Jesus message

​  Your Hearts Are 

My Fragrant Garden

​  We Are On The Verge of War and We Must Forgive