Holy Spirit's Desire for Your Company & Purity vs. Sex in Prayer

The Rapture:

What You Will Experience

 Some of You Are Still on the Fence

Prophetic Word from Ezekiel

 Restoration Will Come

 Your Tears Are Stored

​In Golden Flasks

 Be Vigilant, Protect Your Fruit

 You Will Feel a Deep​ Quietude

 To Satan's Servants,

​An Invitation From Jesus

 You Are Coming Home,

My Brides

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Please, Receive My Love

Jesus pleads with us

Your Prayers ARE Holding

​Back the Father's Wrath

 Servants of Satan, Come to

​Me and I Will Raise You UP!

Tethered Album:

Jesus Speaks on Provision & 


 What Must Come to Pass

Repent For the Guilty,

Do Not Condemn

Remember These Thing

​& the Remnant Church

 Comfort One Another

​With These Words

 Let Us Live This Life Together,

​The Little That Remains...

 "I'm Coming for You," Jesus Said

& Refugee Crisis

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3 Prophetic Dreams Today,

​WW3 is About to Start

 Why Am I Least of All?

 Temptations Against Purity

 All PDF Files February, 2016

 Support One Another

​in Your Weaknesses

 The Binding Prayer

​revised 2/5/16