Power is the Prayer of the Heart

​Jesus teaches on Prayer

I Wanted to Go Fishing,

But the Nets Were Torn

Stay Tuned... New Search Engine

​& Upgrades on Resources for You

We Are Drawing Closer

and Closer to the End

A Bruised Reed He Will Not Break

You Will Experience

​Ecstatic Freedom

War Drums are Beating in Heaven

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Man's Best Friend

You Are the Highpoint of My Day

Victory Over Trials &

Spiritual Muscle

Invasion, Underground Cities,

​Prayer Defeats the Enemy

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Warrior or Lover for Christ &

Fragmented Souls

Regaining Joy in Oppression

Lukewarmness: How it Happens


Foxes Spoil the Vines

Learning the HARD Way/

​Playing Deaf With God

You Were Made For Me Alone

Resist Gossip & Judgment,

​Nations of the World Deteriorating 

February... A Month of Testing

Unique and Monogamous

​With Jesus

All PDF's January, 2016

I'm Not a Mannequin 

Loving Lions in Heaven &

​Your Heart's Desires

Tinkling Lights (Chronicle) &

The Conflagration (Prophecy)

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Doors of Mercy Closing,

​On God's Clock only Seconds Left