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Rope of Grace Teaching


A Simple Communion Service

​by Clare

Communion: Jesus Teaches on 


Tipping Point: Evil is on the Rise, Jesus speaks to His Bride

Receive From Me, My

Church, Jesus said

Sincerity: Prophetic Word from

​Jesus on Our Characters

Discerning the Sucker Punch

Violate Your Comfort Zone

Welcome to Mine

Obsessive Compulsiveness and

​Forgetfulness of Self

Obsessive Compulsive or


CERN, Wickedness Increases,

​My Warring Bride

Your Charity Must 

Exceed Your Knowledge

The Unpardonable Sin and

​Use What I Have Given You

The Yoke of Marriage

​in Ministry

Minister In Love

​on My Channel

Rope of Grace Teaching

Baptize Them in My Love

​Jesus Said

Come to Me, My Lost

and Lonely Ones

You Have Rejected

​My Rule

Psalm 91 and 33rd

​Crusade Prayer

Waiting on the Lord

Why Are People

​Leaving My Church?

Come Out of Religion,

​Come Dwell in My Heart

Your Past is in Our Way

​(trouble connecting with Jesus)

God's High Tech Weapon

against ​CERN Technologies

Jesus Speaks on the God

Dimension and Video Games

Talents: What Did You Do

​With What I Gave You?

Wrap the Lost in the

​Blanket of My Love

Your Very Own 

​Gift of Worship

Jesus Breaks the Silence

and Jesus Before Pilate

Minister to Me,

​My Tender Brides 

How To Build a Rhema Box

Separating Peas from Gravel

Spread Your Wings

and Fly

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