Thumb Drive For Download

From Glory to Glory

I Have Great Plans for You

Empty Fears (song)

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Spiritual Jealousy

​How to Conquer It

Love & Protect This Channel

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Enemy Tactics & An

​Invitation & An Opportunity

Seeking a Word From Others

​vs. Conversing With Me

Feed My Lambs

Why Temptations? & Hope

​For You Who are Lost

How to Handle an

Assignment of Division

Who Will I Rapture?

​prophetic word

Prophetic Dream:

NYC Falls to Tsunami

All PDF Files March, 2016

Circle Me, O Lord (song)

Under His Pinions Psalm 68:13

​A Song About Deliverance

15-year-old Secular Jewish boy Natan's Vision of WWIII​​

Events Before the Rapture &

​Thumb Drive for the Left Behind

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My Young Paternal Heart

(God the Father & Jesus His Son)

Be Without Guile &

​Repent for the World

The Vine of Our Love &

​Age of Accountability

How I Train My Prophets

Your Lives Have

Not Been Wasted

I Wanter To Go Fishing

​But the Nets Were Torn 2

Throw Off That Yoke

of Complacency

Powerful Dream: 600 mph

Tsunami Hits San Francisco

There Are No Bigots in Heaven

​& I Had a Religious Spirit

Forget Time, Enjoy Our Work