Who You Are to Me

Jesus Speaks on

​​The Deeper Meaning of Our Wedding Day, Jesus Speaks

​​Rapture Drills are Purifying My Brides

A Nation at War

​​Rest for Your Soul, Jesus Explains the Principles of Bridal Relationship

​​Come to Me Through Worship, Through Your Expectations,

I am Removing Stains

​​Prepare for Our Wedding Day, Jesus said

​​Jesus instructs the Left Behind: Put No Confidence in the Flesh

Troubling Discernment and Glimpses of Heaven, Jesus helps With Discernment

​​What Must Befall This Nation and the World: Prophetic Word

​​Buy of Me Fire

Tried Gold

Charity Covers a Multitude of Sins, Your Time on Earth is Almost Over

 God's Correction

Jesus Asks Us To Have Uncommon Respect

Oh, How You Comfort

My Heart

​​What is Dwelling Prayer: the Prayer We Use to Get Close to Jesus

​​The Last Stains on

Your Wedding Gowns

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May 2015 PDF Files

 Heaven: Jesus Shares About Worship, Recreation and Food

You Must Have

TRUE Discernment

Ramadi, ISIS: Jesus

is Calling for Prayer

​​You Do Not Receive Because You Do Not Believe

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 Jesus Speaks on Why

Our Enemies Are Important

The Threatening Letter

and Youtube Family Update

Confusion is Coming to This Land: Could We be June Brides?

Jealousy is Stalking Us! Jesus Teaches on This Painful Trap

Abba Father's Grief: Call to Prayer for the Middle East

​​Footsteps of Obedience: Jesus Speaks on the Eternal Value of Obedience

​​The Honeymoon in Heaven With Jesus

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 My Presence in Your Marriage: Jesus speaks on Marriage

My Bride is Beautiful

on the Battlefield

Your Prayers Are

Moving God's Heart

​​Will You Stand When

the World Crumbles?