Your Worst Enemy

Divination vs. Authentic 

Intimacy with God

The Invitation to

Overcome Temptation

"Introduce Me, Not Religion"

Jesus Said

"You Are My Heaven on Earth" 

Jesus said.

Surviving the Coming Tribulation

Your Patience is Supporting Me

Why the Rapture was delayed

"Show Mercy to Yourself as Well

as Others" Jesus said

If You Love Me... Rapture... Sexual

Temptations - teaching from Jesus

Make Amends   Jeus is Calling

​for Healing of Relationships

"Follow Your Dreams"

Jesus encourages us

"Don't Fret Over Time"

Jesus admonishes us

Increase Will Overtake You

Community & Those Who

Live for Themselves

My Heart Skips a Beat

All PDF's November, 2014

You Are Ambassador's to

the Desolate Soul

Go Out and Love, One at a Time

Jesus is sending us out

From Jesus, with Love

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My Peace I Give You

I Will Rejoice Over You

​With Dancing and Singing

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My Grace Accomplishes All

Things, Even Prayer

Please Your Parents or

​Please Me

Pure Life in Me,

​a word from Jesus

Glorious Bride Arising w/ Her Torch  Rapture Timing Revisited

"Persevere in Prayer" Jesus says

Open the Watergates of Unbelief

​Jesus Teaching on reaching souls