Oct 2nd, 2018

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Oct 9th, 2018

I Will Save You on That Day

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Testimonies from the Channel

Oct 8th, 2018

URGENT! Fast & Pray for Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Today

Left Behind: The Day After

Oct 22nd, 2018

BE PREPARED for Marti@l Law This Week

Oct 17th, 2018

Oct 15th, 2018

These below were put up when YouTube deleted our accounts for no reason whatsoever, so there are no Video links available.

October 2018 Video and Pdf Files

Son Behold Your Mother—Women’s Roles According to Jesus—Mary #6

Oct 10th, 2018

Jesus Has The Rapture on His Mind

Partnering With Heaven on Earth

Oct 6th, 2018

Rapture Update October 2018

Oct 10th, 2018

America the Great or America the Godly

When You Are Troubled I Am Troubled

Oct 27th, 2018

Oct 26th, 2018

I Remain on My Knees Until You Return to Me

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Sing to Me

Oct 29th, 2018

Oct 1st, 2018

Oct 11th, 2018

Oct 21st, 2018

Scripture Reveals Mary's Role in the Church 5 of 7 & Tra

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