Don't Be Led Astray by Lies Again...

I AM the Father of the Prodigal

Why Didn't You Seek Me?

​comets, financial collapse, rapture

  "My Heart Does Not Deceive"  Jesus Nothing's Happening in September

Dome of the Rock 

Prophetic Dream

  I Guide You So You Can

Make Your Life, My Life

What's Your Price?

  Lure of Riches & Angler Fish

  You Must Love Yourself Before

​You Can Love Your Brother

  As Darkness Increases, 

​so Must Your Worship Increase

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  Touch Others Tenderly for Me

​Jesus Teaches on Healing Others

  Death & the Life to Come

  I Desire Mercy

​Prophetic word from Jesus

Stand in Your Resolve,

​The Gift of Healing

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  Still Small Voice, Our Precious

​Family - News...Donors

  Thank You, Still Small Voice Family

Stand on Your Own Word

​From Me

  The Hordes of Hell Are Released

​Rick Joyner Allegory

  Your Prayers on Their Behalf

  New Onslaught of Demons Released Against My Bride; Your Defense is Personal Holiness

  It's All About You, Jesus

  Start Recognizing Your Enemy,

​teaching from Jesus

  Be On Guard, Pride,

Anger and an Apology

  Living Every Day in the Realms of Glory

  Refiner's Fires Are Coming

​Prophetic Word

This is a Time of Preparation

  Do You Feel Condemned?

Jesus teaches on the source of comdemnation

  The Celestial Wedding

  "Build With Fire Tried Gold"

 Jesus Admonishes