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Joy Comes in the Morning 500px-1.2 MB crop 4.tif
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  This is an original Painting done by Clare Du Bois & Jesus!

Jesus asked her what she would like to do for Him, and she replied: "A Painting of you Jesus", and this amazing painting is the result! Jesus asked Clare to join Him in Spirit, and once she did, He told her that He would then help her to make this Painting! Clare has minimal painting experience, gives all the credit of this work, to Jesus! 

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Joy comes in the morning painting, When I look into the eyes of Jesus, I see pure compassionate love. Love beyond all else, a love that can't lie,  a love that is genuine, a savior that truly saves.  A love that cares, one that provides, one that all promises is faithful and true A compulsory to accomplish. A pure love that embraces hurting souls and comforts trying souls. 
a life that was sacrificed for ours. A love that always willing to carry our burden, our precious Jesus that divide our sorrow, multiply our joys, minus our problems, and gives addition to our daily provision, one who does not give an empty hand of promises, but constantly countably delivers all his promises. One whose word is never returned void, one who always deliver Joy in the morning when we endure weeping for the night. Thank you, Jesus, for our attitude of gratitude beyond altitude with utmost servitude. May we raise and constantly praise Jesus on high and draw magnitudes of multitudes to him through his
love shown to others. From me to your ministry  
From: Chanelle Eusebe - St. Johns Island, Virgin Islands



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Joy Comes in the Morning - Crop1 500px.jpg 

Joy Comes In The Morning  

by Clare Du Bois