The poor children on the Taos Indian Reservation have some very heartbreaking stories. There are some that have lost their mother, father, grandmother, and grandfather! Then it's 5 children having to go live with their aunt. There's a lot of deaths and poverty. Many of them literally have nothing, let alone warm clothing and they cannot wear used clothing. 

When we first moved here, we lived in an RV that didn't have a stove. My mom said, "let's pray for a stove". In the meantime, we started to build a stove room. When the stove room was finished, Richard from the food bank asked us "Do you need a stove?" He didn't know we built a stove room and prayed for a stove. We were so happy! Our prayers had been answered. We love our stove, and now we are warm and cozy.

Outreach 2a

    Heartdwellers True Heart

Through the blessings of our Lord Jesus, we have been blessed with a very generous and loving family. We began our community outreach with operating a small food bank that just kept growing and growing. We have tried to always help those in need with food, clothing, heat or electric assistance, ministry, anything and everything within our capabilities. 

As the ministry has grown so has the wonderful set of volunteers. We have some who help with the channel, the website, the books and cds, and personal assistance. Without their help we couldn’t commit our ministry to the Lord as needed. 

~We also assist another food bank (Santo Nino( Holy Infant) Carson) by donating so they can help those who live way out in the Mesa, where there is no running water, no electricity or other utilities available. They give food weekly to the poor people on the Mesa. 

~Last year we also assisted with providing Wood ~ for heat and cooking for people out on the Mesa. We purchased the wood stoves including piping and volunteers helped distribute them… We also managed to provide cords of wood to spread throughout the Mesa to help with keeping people warm….

~We contribute to a local thrift shop that gives free food once a month and free clothing to those in need along with other supplies such as toiletries, shoes, anything donated is available. This place is called The Giving Tree. It also operates as a community escape for youth and safe haven and has Bible studies weekly along with other activities. We help them by paying their lease.

 Some examples of people we have helped:
~One of the main recipients of our donations goes to the People of the Taos Pueblo community. The Taos Pueblo is one of the oldest Indian Pueblos in the United States which has been here for over 1000 years and still utilizes its original traditional housing which has been maintained for that period of time. Here is a link for more information and photos:

~We have assisted almost all programs from the Taos Pueblo, their Senior program with a donation which purchased traditional southwestern blankets for the elderly along with grocery gift cards. We recently assisted the Taos Pueblo Community Center with a monetary donation which was a very small help for the replacement of the flooring in their community center which was damaged due to a water break and flooded the entire center and all flooring had to be removed due to damage and to prevent molding. 

~This center is also utilized by the Taos Pueblo Day school as their gym for its students, and also by the senior center for the elderly for classes and workshops. It’s the main functional space used by the entire community of the Taos Pueblo. They have been working on this space for over 2 months and are still trying to fundraise to fix it as necessary for its community. 

~Along with these programs, we assisted the Taos Pueblo Educational Training Center with Christmas gifts last year for all its participants. We also gave Mp3/4 players and gift cards as incentives for its students to work hard and achieve goals. Last year and this year we were able to donate winter jackets to the neediest children of the Taos Day School which is kindergarten through 7th grade. We only helped a portion of these kids, there are still so many in dire need of winter clothing (jackets, gloves, hats, boots, socks) We do what we can!

~Last year we had a local First responder from the Taos Ski Valley lose his home and all his belongings in an accidental fire. His clothing dryer caught fire and woke his family around 4:30 in the morning, his 14 year old daughter and 13 year old autistic son got out while the mom and dad tried to save their home. They lost everything that morning. Heartdwellers was one of the first to contact them and offer a donation to help them with temporary housing or clothing or any of their needs, we were also able to provide them with a gift card for groceries. They had no insurance on the home. When we met with the first responder he was extremely surprised with our donation and became overwhelmed with emotion. He said “ it’s usually my job to step in and help save someone as a first responder, now I see that there are other blessings out there that step up and save family's.” 

We responded with our most favorite thing to say when we donate, “This is from Jesus, with Love”!

~Another unique way we have helped: A woman and 2 of her daughters were about to become mothers for the first time, both were due to give birth around the same time, one was having major health complications. She was at such a high risk that the doctors ordered her to bed rest in the hospital. The down side, the hospital she needed was over 150 miles from where she lived, a 2 ½ hour drive. The mom did not have the resources to help her daughter in her time of need so we reached out to her. We provided her with a donation to help her be with her daughter for the last month and a half of her pregnancy in the hospital that was so very far away. 

We also helped by paying for new tires for her car so she could commute and be back and forth for the other daughter that was also due to have her baby as well. It was such a challenging situation but with the help of our donations we eased the stress a bit and helped this mom with the faith she needed to get through this and be there for both her daughters! All while struggling with her own health battles and severe fibromyalgia. 

~Heartdwellers also occasionally helps by buying diapers and wipes for those in need. We have a single dad who can barely pay rent and we help him with food, and diapers and wipes for his 18 month old daughter which he raises alone.

~We assist an organization called the New Life Pregnancy Center that we have helped out several times with Gift cards to give to expectant mothers to help them with food or needs for their new arrivals.

~There is a young youth pastor from Questa from a small mining town north of Taos. He is a single dad raising 3 children. Questa is 30-45 minutes from Taos and he drives his children to school every morning in Taos, and picks them up every afternoon. He works as a plumber during the day and commits himself to his kids extra-curricular activities on his free time, such as volleyball, basketball, football, hockey, ski club, you name it, his kids are participating! He also serves as a youth pastor for the kids in his community. He is a very dedicated man to the youth and to our Lord. We helped him this year with new tires for his truck which he desperately needed and we also provided assistance with his utility bill and a gift card for food. We would like to also contribute to his youth fellowship and their activities and help him whenever possible, he is a very dedicated man for his community!

~One of our volunteers has a 14 year old daughter and she told us about a young boy at school that she wanted to help. He would go to school in old, worn, dingy, small clothes and his hygiene wasn’t all that great. Our volunteer met with the boy’s parents after school one day and found out they had been living without electricity, the dad was working but the mom had recently been diagnosed with cancer. The family lived in an area 20 min east of town with little to no resources for help. We were able to offer to pay to connect their electric and pay a month ahead for them, we gave them a gift card for food and a gift card to our local Walmart to buy the boy some decent new clothing and necessities. They were so amazed that there even existed an organization who would reach out and offer so much. The tears were so heartfelt. 

~We have so many people we help on a weekly basis such as these, and the need is so much greater out there. With the help of our Lord and our Heart dweller family, the donations we receive are SO crucial to giving hope and faith back to those who have lost it because of a tough trial in their lives. 

The biggest need for people is utilities and food. We are constantly paying electric bills to keep people from being disconnected, or gas or even water. We buy grocery gift cards or Walmart gift cards as often as possible to help those get the basic necessities for their families. 

We do not give cash, instead we cover the expense or pay the bill directly, we even have a volunteer who will go out personally and help by buying the food or things needed for those who cannot go for themselves. 

We could not accomplish all this without Jesus, or without the gifts he compels our Heart dweller family to share with those in need. The generosity given by you cannot be thanked enough. Just know that the donations sent are personally and faithfully given to someone who doesn’t have the resources or capability of providing for themselves or family. The purpose is to restore faith and love in people who are lost or may have forgotten that Jesus is with us all ALWAYS!



Wood Delivery on the Mesa

Winter donations to the rescue!

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"The Lord is my Rock"

Where do your donations go?

This page was created just to show you all the wonderful things that have become of your generous donations over the years! Heartdwellers IS Fruitful, in every possible way imaginable! We give to the widows, the orphans, the poor, the needy, the homeless, the destitute, the underprivileged, the broken, and even those who find themselves in an emergency financial situation. We have and continue to help all we can, especially the Children. Here are just some of the examples of where your gifts have made a difference!

The story of the wood stove

Jenny Johnson and Daughters, River and Jorden were overwhelmed by Love and Support this year when they received

unexpected help from HeartDwellers thanks to YOUR donations! They now have clothing, Jackets, Boots and even Firewood to help them to have a Merry Christmas this year!