Purpose and Mission Statement

Welcome to Heart Dwellers
We are a loose-knit community of souls, of all ages, who live for Jesus and have found our rest in His Heart. In our thirty years of ministry, to Evangelical, Protestant Non-denominational, Catholic, and Orthodox, we have found that the common driving ethic that unites us together in active ministry, is our deep love for Jesus and the salvation of souls. We have stepped outside denominational/non denominational walls to enter into the folds of His Heart, into a place where His love and a burning desire to do His will, have dissolved the walls that once divided us and they are clearly spelled out in the now more than 900 messages Jesus has given us over the past 2 years available by clicking the "PDF's" button above.
Living in His Heart, where the flames of love consume all our impurities and make us burn with the loving desire, to please Him, and bring relief to other souls, brings us into a unique relationship where His love draws us beyond all natural boundaries that limited what we were capable of doing, and where we were able to go, in the past. Our purpose and passion is to give ourselves completely for the kingdom of God on earth. Our hearts burn with God's compassion for the alienated, lost and confused who are the victims of this world's corruption, especially in these times approaching His Second Coming... 

...It is our heart and purpose to encourage and share this passion with souls who want 'more' of Him. We have discovered that hidden in our hearts, is a deep seated conviction that we are not worthy of Divine Intimacy, that somehow, we are not beautiful to God just the way we are. This is often accompanied by false guilt even though the sins of the past are under the blood and are forever buried in the ocean of His mercy. Some of us have been steeped in the 'you have to earn it' mentality from childhood. The idea that anything as beautiful and fulfilling as God's intimate fellowship is a free gift, to anyone who is wants it, is still hard for us to accept. Consequently we can come to a state where we are living on a daily merry go round powered by guilt, trying to 'do more, pray harder, be better' for God, and never forgiving our past. Finally arriving at the sad state of compromise, we 'settle' for a Christian walk that we sense has fallen far short of what it could have been.

To add to this interior resignation, is the tendency to disguise this undefined emptiness with a flurry of 'meaningful busyness' in the Name of Christ. The busyness of attending conferences, Bible studies, multiple weekly services, Christian TV, the latest books and music. All of this stimulation and inspiration from outside sources is meant to do only one thing, bring us face to Face, heart to Heart, intimately with Jesus, sharing with one another on a most profound level, drinking deeply from the fountain of His wisdom, resting tenderly in the security of His arms, breathing in the very breath of God that recreates our soul into something beautiful for God, something that brings healing to empty hurting souls. But paradoxically, the very busyness of this striving after inspiration, leaves no room for long lingering fellowship, companionship and taking into our being the very essence of God Himself.

We all need rousing inspirational Christian music and worship, but it can only take us part of the way, the rest is done in the profound sweetness of the Holy Spirit saturating us, drawing us with cords of love into the place where our Beloved's whisper permeates our soul and severs every cord attaching us to the world. A place where He permeates us until we are totally yielded, inebriated in His very Being, in a place where we know God. We know His nature, His desires, His workings, His faithfulness, and we are not ashamed to step out onto the water or say to that mountain, "Be thou removed." In the Scriptures, to know a woman was to have an intimate union with her, where the two became one flesh. We know Him through His Word, through His Body, through Communion, but when He takes over our faculties in that profound place of spiritual intimacy, we are no longer with God, we are in God and He is in us, we know Him even as He knows us. It is a mystery and the Song of Songs is its allegory, describing the delight our God finds in us and we find in Him. It is not a carnal union, but a supremely transcendent spiritual union where bodies exist only as a shadow, and all of our substance is in Him. In this world we experience the reverse principal, our bodies seem to be our substance and our souls are but a shadow. Here we find our complete meaning, we are infused with God and He is infused with us, without doing or saying anything.

Dwelling Prayer
                                                                     (similar to Soaking Prayer)

We see the activity of the Holy Spirit in this movement of soaking prayer as a way to rescue us from the merry-go-round of our own efforts to draw nigh unto God. It completely dismantles this nervous self effort that interferes with deep, meaningful, one on one communion with the Lord. Be still and know... that I am God.

Soaking prayer was made popular by the Arnot’s, of the Airport Church (The Toronto Blessing) and there have been many mutations on this theme, some of them a little far out and questionable, others very solid and predisposing us to intimacy with our Divine Bridegroom. I cannot speak for the Holy Spirit or what He might do in the future, but some manifestations that seem a little outlandish, have never occurred in our meetings.

In Dwelling Prayer, which is a slight variation on the same theme, we are opening the eyes of our hearts, entering into that interior place, where Jesus lives, and entering into His Heart...a doorway to Heaven, as it is written “for through Him and in Him all things have their existence.” That is why many have experienced glimpses of Heaven during Dwelling Prayer. We are relaxed, quiet and completely open to the tender movements of the Holy Spirit over our spirits.

When we take a vacation, a time away from our usual work, oftentimes we choose a place where we can swim and soak in the rays of the sun. After a stressful day, we love to soak in a hot tub or jacuzzi. When we want to remove hard-to-get-at dirt from an object, we soak it. Dwelling Prayer accomplishes all those things, the contamination of the world, the media, the news, fear, tends to cling to our minds and muddy the waters of our thinking, soaking in the presence of God can cleanse every bit of that tension and needless worry from our souls, and leave us sparkling clean and clear headed.
After a stressful day, there is nothing more refreshing and innocent than standing in a hot shower and letting our whole bodies relax and let go of the day’s tensions...or if you are lucky enough to have a tub or jacuzzi, soaking in that hot water has a way of completely releasing all the pent up tension in our bodies. Similarly lying in the sun, soaking in the rays, leaves us rested.

It is just so with basking in the rays of God’s love. We leave behind our self-effort, our constant petitions and concerns, even our preoccupation with praising Him...”I’m in His presence, I need to tell Him how much I love Him.” There is indeed an important time for that, if not continuously being in worship from a heart of thanksgiving, but just as there are seasons of rest for the earth, there are seasons of rest for the soul. Time when the roots of our tree can truly rest from the efforts involved in growing during the summer; a time of deep, deep rest, that will prepare us for the lush new growth of spring.
From this place He often reveals, instructs, brings fresh vision and renews our enthusiasm for the life He’s given us with its many tasks. From this place creativity flows, love flows, courage flows and our cup becomes full so that we may pour it out on the souls of those who hunger and thirst for Him.

From this place we let go of the things that hamper our relationship with Him, we fall so in love with Him as He reveals HImself to us, that the cares and agendas of the world that preoccupy us, become empty and meaningless. From this place we let go of our self will and self effort and embrace, willingly, joyfully, His will as He works through us. Unless we abide in the vine, we can bring forth no fruit, Dwelling Prayer and abiding in the Vine are synonymous.

As we make this prayer a habit in our life, many deceptions vaporize, deceptions about who we are, who He created us to be, what undiscovered gifts and talents we possess. We will see ourselves in a whole new light, as a beautiful Bride without spot wrinkle or blemish. His masterpiece that He’s already completed, and with this will come healing from word curses accumulated throughout our lives, so often from parents, teachers and peers, and our own profound lack of self esteem.
So much is accomplished in this kind of prayer that it is impossible to enumerate everything. Let’s just say that He’s the Divine Artist and each of us are His masterpieces. He creates holiness in us, layer, by layer, by layer, and because of our intimacy with Him, we find giving up our vices for victories becomes so much easier, because we are truly Abiding In The Vine and it is His nourishment flowing through us that accomplishes a harvest of sweet, ripe fruit.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring the Body of Christ together as One, even as it is One in Heaven under One Head, Jesus Our Lord.
When we are united by the common cause of knowing, loving and serving Our Lord, from within His Heart, we lay aside our individual ‘denominational/doctrinal’ agendas, so that we can embrace the Lord’s agenda to be fishers of men, able hands united in one purpose, the salvation of souls.

Our Vision
This is the portion He has given us to share with the Body of Christ. It is to encourage divine intimacy, the espousal relationship between God and man. We do this through our teachings, prayers and music empowered by the Holy Spirit and the prayers of our faithful prayer warriors. Our goal is not to keep supplying souls with music and teachings, it is to help them connect, permanently with the Lord in an intimate meaningful way, so that they may all be 'taught by God' daily, and have very little need for the wisdom of man which is only the reflection of God's wisdom in each of their lives. In other words, to be truly connected to Christ as your heavenly Bride Groom, puts you in the position where you are taught and nurtured by God Himself. 

We are not putting down Bible studies, conferences, books or music, they are highly inspirational, but they are limited in what they can impart to your soul, His Presence is not. The nourishing manna you receive from Him each day, the security of His arms holding you, the worship, appreciation, and thanksgiving you express to Him with a passionate sigh of longing, mean all the world to Him and serve to make you a Rock in the midst of the swirling seas of desperate humanity.
In today's world there is so much fear and insecurity due to economic and moral decay. We see this as part of God's plan to draw our hearts away from the things of the world into the things of eternity. As this decade continues to resemble the times described by Jesus in Matthew 24, our natural human tendency is to become insecure and fearful. But there is a great move of God sweeping the world to bring us into such great intimacy with God that these things seem trivial compared to the Joy of His presence and the Peace He imparts that defies every circumstance surrounding us as well as bringing us miraculous breakthrough provision when it is needed.

We believe He is preparing us for these end times and its harvest, by prying our affections off passing things and onto His eternal agenda and the urgency of saving souls. As world conditions deteriorate, souls are searching for consolation and security, sometimes in the worst places disguised by an outward appearance of 'self' created peace. People are looking for real answers that bring tangible comfort, and if they don't see it in the conduct of the Christian community when the world is in turmoil, they won't want what we have. We cannot bring that comfort to them unless our relationship with God is deep, intimate and so absorbing that it utterly overshadows the world and our preoccupation with 'what shall we eat, what shall we wear, where shall we sleep'.

To have this kind of all consuming passion we must immerse ourselves in His Heart until all that passes away and is not of His Kingdom, is no longer our day and night concern. To be in this place is to dwell in His Heart, to be a Heart Dweller, may we all be of comfort and inspiration to one another living and acting from this holy place. 

From His Heart,
Clare & Ezekiel du Bois