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Dwelling Prayer: It's Power and

Importance to Us.

The Rapture Was real Book

UPDATED 6.28.24

Lately, the Holy Spirit has been impressing on 
us the need for holiness of life, repentance 
and complete devotion to His known will as 
never before in our lives, every single day. 
Anything less than that puts us in the 
perilous position of a virgin whose 
lamp has gone out.

We have compiled both a book and an album of audio messages and
 music that are most valuable to the left behind for both Hope and Instruction! 
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Despair will be the tool Satan uses to cause souls to give up their salvation and give up entirely on God.
Therefore the Lord has asked me to do this series with Him, in which He is outlining the things that will come. Those who listen to these videos will not be taken by complete surprise. They will know what to expect next and that there is absolutely an end to these events, He is Coming to stop it all. Please download these and keep it for your loved ones. Under the teachings tab, there are downloadable pdfs to be printed out. These will be a light in the complete despair and darkness that is to overtake the world and America. Please PASS THE WORD ON.  May God infuse your heart and mind with supernatural knowledge and understanding.          Clare

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Rhema Book by

Clare Du Bois

The Lord has been speaking to us about helping others build end time
refuges for His people and others to be housed during the Great
Tribulation.  Our next video will be on Bug Out Bags.  We will be taking
people through composting, water catchment, installing solar power,
greenhouses, food storage and much more!  We hope you will join us and
learn how to turn your home into an End Times Refuge.

Love, Mother Elisabeth and Brother John

Dome of the Rock Info!

We have compiled a book of the most important messages and instructions for the Left Behind. This book is available for Free Download here (click on the button above) on the Book Page, and also from these three sources above to the right.  ​

Rapture is Coming! Are YOU Prepared to

stand Before the Son of Man?

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Published on May 1, 2015
What Is Dwelling Prayer? It Is The Prayer We Use To Get Close to Jesus.
Every day I get inquiries from people who want to hear from the Lord the way we do. So I've done a short video on Dwelling prayer, which is what we call our way of praying.

As Christians, Jesus lives in our hearts, He is the gate to the sheepfold, no one comes to the Father unless they come through Jesus, so in the spirit we worship in/from the heart and encounter Jesus during worship, at one point He very often wants us to 'rest' in Him, or 'dwell' with Him, just to be there in the Shekinah glory in a suspended state of worship. Very often that's when healings take place, and He speaks to us giving us courage and other gifts for our walk with and for Him.

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Introduction to HeartDwellers!

            Jesus has asked me to do a series on what is to come after the Rapture. His entire purpose of giving me this message was to prepare those who are left behind so that they KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is in control of everything that happens. This seems to me to be the harbinger of the Rapture, in other words, it is on the horizon and He wants instruction left behind for those who are not taken. Some very bizarre things will happen, things we have no experience with, things we cannot gauge because they are literally, 'out of this world.' So many will be freaked out by this they will fall into despair. This whole series is to prevent that and instill hope. THERE IS HOPE!

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"I took all He has had to say about it in the past years and compiled it into a single PDF" - Carol Jennings.

 This Heaven Talk is about a time of preparation for what is looming on the horizon and headed our way. Even though we may not have the specifics, we know we must be waiting, watching and prepared for at any time the Lord will come for us. We are sharing with you our posture as we prepare to stand in readiness for the events God is going to allow on this earth.

The most important part of that preparation is not storing up food and water but being right with God. "Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man."


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Jesus Speaks: What is to Come AFTER the Rapture?...

Hope for the Left behind

When God Heals...

For all those who speak Portuguese, we have some friends who were nice enough to translate all of our PDF files into Portuguese! 

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What is Dwelling Prayer?

Dwelling Prayer: What Is It?

Carol took the time to make this for everybody. It's a list of all that has been said by Jesus about the Dome of the Rock being destroyed, which is our "kick-off" event for the start of the events leading to the Rapture.

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